Meeting my Blogging Idols

Have you ever been inspired by someone? Isn’t it amazing how meeting with those whom you take an interest too and then something they say or do just moves you to take up a new path and add another log on the ‘ol fire. Well, that has happened to me. Hence, you are reading something that has been passed on to me.

I have been the ultimate consumer of partaking in the blogosphere. I will link to some of my favorite blogging idols. When I say blogging idols, I don’t mean I worship these guys, it’s more of a they can type and thus, they are not necessarily American idols, but rather blogging idols. I have never heard any of them sing so I am sure they would just be happy with blogging idols. I am new to this scene, but I must tell you that putting faces and handshakes and eye contact to the people who have an impact more than they can imagine has been an incredible experience. Now, it makes reading their blogs a completely different experience.

For one who doesn’t get off the farm much, I was in people heaven in Tulsa. Some of my blogging idols may have not even recognized my name when I told them, or, were taller than I thought, or shorter, some were nicer and some were just plain my kinda people! And thus, that is why I am here. I don’t know if this will be an everyday post, there are days, I don’t get to sit at a computer. I have all kinds of aspects to my life that I look forward to sharing with you. I just hope I can figure all this stuff out.


One response to “Meeting my Blogging Idols

  1. Hi Tucker! I’ll be adding you to my google reader so that I never miss a post! Welcome…and you’re off to a great start!

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