A take on Tulsa

One of the years annual events that I look forward too is loading up the Honda van (DVD player included) with the family and heading to the Tulsa ISWW. As the only member from our church who travels to this extravaganza, it puts plenty of fuel back in my tank. Wednesday morning, we awoke at 5:30am, loaded up the kids, and headed to Tulsa. We arrived and Thursday was hot. I know this cause I sweated for the first time this year! Then, it got cold and cloudy. Then, we got home and it snowed. I am so confused….

I had three goals in mind when I arrived in town. Look and meet with my blogging idols. Buy a brand new Bible. And take in some God fuel! I did all three. I got to put a face to all the bloggers I followed, got to meet them and check out their personality as compared to their blog personalities. I got not only one new Bible, but two of different sizes. And three, I got to listen to some great speakers.

Terry Rush talked about his 100% Natural Evangelism DVD set and I watched the first DVD on the long drive home. WOW, what a great inspiration from someone who is just a real person. You have got to watch this! I was so captivated by it and inspired! I liked the delivery of the Thursday night lineup of Josh Graves and Patrick Mead. Those guys have one risky ministry and a powerful one that is not conventional to 99% of the Church of Christ. I also took in some Rick Atchley. He is so thought provoking. I must admit, I steal borrow alot of his ideas. I also took in some Jeff Walling, a workshop favorite, and I gotta tell ya, I just loathe everytime he says, “hit that button, lets go to the next slide”. His powerpoint is always great stuff, it just needs to work. He was great as usual in spite of that. I took in a little TEEN Surge and the awe inspiring Craig Hicks. He really gets into it! I hope he gets a shot at using his ability to teach/preach in a more routine method. And one last one that just hit a home run was the up-and-coming Dusty Rush. He was an oracle of God! I paused for a moment and looked at the crowd that were just captivated by his words.

It was strange going to Tulsa and walking into a building with thousands of people, having so much in common with all of these people, and not knowing a soul. But, it was so great to walk out of the place having made some new friends.


4 responses to “A take on Tulsa

  1. Tuck … It was so cool to meet you and spend a little time with you. You have a beautiful family. It’s obvious that God has blessed you. You are a rich man when it comes to family.

    Love the blog –


  2. Great to meet you Tucker! Great observations!

  3. Hey Tucker. Thanks for the kind words. It was great to meet you. I’ll be watching for you next year in Tulsa.

  4. Tucker, you write really well. I’m glad your blogging. And thanks for your hope on my behalf

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