The song that got no love

For many of us growing up in the church, there was that one song that became our theme. It was, and probably still is, sung in a church every week. There is Beyond the Azure Blue, better known as 728B. A great song that had a little harmony, a little bass lead, and a little soprano lead. Very cleverly written! All about GOD!
But there was that song that was constantly overlooked! It sat in the corner of the pew and no one ever paid any attention to it. It was a loner. It was so close and everyone could see it, it just was ignored. It didn’t choose this fate. That song…728. It had no fancy letter to set it apart. It was like all of its other brothers and sisters contained in the Hymnal. It just failed to capture the attention of those with voices. What was it to do? Add the letter “A”. Would that set it apart? Would that move it to the upper echelon or Hymns? Now we have moved on to newer books and 728 has faded into the sunset.


2 responses to “The song that got no love


  2. I would love to have a t-shirt that says “728b – Nuff Said” on it.

    Wouldn’t that be cool?

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