Rural Emergency Response

I was putting my kids in the van after pre-school when I heard the page. When you are in an extreme rural area, it takes a dedicated group of individuals to answer an emergency call. I have been on the local Volunteer Fire Department for around 15 years, even serve as the asst. Chief.  I have been an EMT for about 12. It has been amazing some of the things one witnesses serving in this capacity. Today, it was a car wreck in our neighboring town. Immediately your mind starts to play out…who is it, what happened, how bad is it??? This is how it works in small town USA.

Today, someone made a mistake and paid the ultimate price. I don’t know who it was or any of the details, but another tragedy occurred. It’s just the way life is. I have seen tragedies just like this a few times. It’s not war, but it is one of those situations that smacks the reality of life right into the cortex of the soul. Life is real, people are real, in what can be construed the ultimate game.  Why does Tragedy like this occur?  I don’t know exactly, but I have learned to accept it.  It is a part of life and one can never be certain when the time of his demise will come.

Whenever that time may be, the question shall be considered, how did I play the game?  One of my blogging partners discusses this subject here.     I find it interesting that so many people will say, “I want to write a book”.  What are the statistics of Americans who want to write a book – – 35-50% you suppose?  If you then asked them, Have you started writing yet?  How many would answer yes – – – 1, 2, maybe 3%.  What am I missing in life that I want to be doing?  I want to live everyday to the fullest!


One response to “Rural Emergency Response

  1. I do too Tucker…live life to the fullest. Let’s help each other do so. Keep blogging- you are doing great.

    Hey Craig, Glad you like it. I will keep striving for your level! You set the bar high.

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