Cool Stuff for Cool People

One may be biased to the readership of their own blogs, but if you are reading this, then I assume you are cool.  I love cool things and cool gadgets and just amazed at what will they think of next.  Let me pass on some things I have run across.  Some of the things might include in the future, websites, downloadable software, gadgets, products to make your life easier, or even cool gifts.  All things cool!

Do you like Brownies?  If you like your brownies a little on the crunchy side and what I would term “milk dippable”, then this would be the pan for you.  This item is dedicated to my mother who would deliberately cut the edges of the brownie pan so she could consume the delectable delight.  Now, everyone could have that crunchy slice of heaven.

Awesome Brownie Pan

Awesome Brownie Pan

Now here is a cool little website that you might want to try out if you like music.  It has a great and interesting concept.  Instead of my explaining it, you will just have to go and experience it yourself.  The best way I can describe it is, if you ever had any ambition in becoming your own Simon, Paula, or Randy, here is an opportunity.  Click this Link.

This is a new feature for Fridays.  You won’ t want to miss what kinds of things I will scour off the world wide web for you!

Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by!


2 responses to “Cool Stuff for Cool People

  1. That IS really cool!!!! I wonder if they sell those in Australia???

    I am glad to have you aboard. I am going to check out your website and find out more about you!!!

  2. One thing I have learned since leaving home is that most of the world avoid eating the crunchy edges of the brownies. I think mom has warped us forever! 🙂

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