It’s Official! The Dress Code has changed!

Yes, it is now official. It is no longer the accepted practice for men to wear ties to Sunday morning assemblies.

That will be a relief to many who struggled through a knot tied around the neck. Yes, one may look more dignified when wearing a tie and appear to be dressy, but the real truth is, looking really nice at church ain’t fooling no one about the garbage that is hidden in each of us. I attended the assembly today at the Rio Ranch Church in New Mexico. (I will be back to my own church someday). Over 70% of the men did not have on any ties. Not one person under the age of 30 had a tie on. I have traveled extensively over the past few years, in many areas of the country, and whether you like it or not, it is now officially over, the tie is not necessary.  Even preachers can now make the shift.

One of my best friends is a preacher without a home. If you know of a preaching job, please leave a comment cause he is one that is being drastically under used in the Kingdom. He is a great asset, but, he has no college education, yet so many churches are looking for that. Jesus was educated by the best school in the Universe, and yet had no paper to prove it. One Sunday, I walked into the building and here was our preacher at the time, wearing old blue jeans and shirt. It was kind of a shock to everyone when he stood up to preach in this garb. He spoke not a word about his choice in style. No one spoke of it. I think the shock was paralyzing. I asked him after words, what was the deal. He told me that he had talked with a friend and asked him to come this Sunday. His friend exclaimed that he would feel bad because he didn’t own any dress clothes. The preacher told him that if he would come, he would wear jeans too. Needless to say, the gentlemen never showed.

What does it say for the church that inside the building, we must present ourselves as perfection? What have we done to portray ourselves as pressed and pure to those around us? I cannot tell you how many people I know that would like to come and be accepted, but feel ashamed because somehow they have created in their minds this building houses sacredidity(I made up a new word). We got some work to do in the church to change the way we think. Who am I to judge people who walk through the doors? I gotta change the way I think.


4 responses to “It’s Official! The Dress Code has changed!

  1. Steve … I thought it was pretty cool this past Sunday morning when I looked up during communion and saw that 5 out of the 10 guys waiting on the table had on ties, 3 had on polo type shirs and one was in a t-shirt and jeans.

    I’m glad we don’t need a dress code.

  2. I’ve been at my new church here in Sydney (,au) for about 4-5 months now, and I haven’t seen a tie yet (apart from in the drama presentation!) Aussies are more casual!

  3. that was.. (maybe I should post with my glasses on!)

  4. Hey Steve,

    Just found your blog and It’s very entertaining. I have to wear a tie to work, therefore I give myself a break and dont wear one to church. Jesus never wore one.

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