Life on the Farm

Teaching my boy to farm

This is me and my boy Tyler.  This picture is a couple of years old cause he isn’t that small now!

Many a day during the summer, I take a step out of my front door and I am at work. In fact, I look out my window in every direction and I see what God has in store. I find myself, as a farmer, in good company. God was the first farmer, creating the Garden of Eden.

Here are some answers to some typical questions I get often.

1What do you farm? Well, my first response in my own mind is soil, but I think I get the jest of the question.  I farm winter wheat primarily, I do have some corn, and millet, sunflowers, and this year, some soybeans.  It’s a great combination that would keep one busy.  It’s also a great way to spread out the risk.  I live in Southwest Nebraska.  The past few years have been extremely dry.  One in this line a work soon learns to put it all in Gods hands, because there isn’t alot one can do to control the weather.  Did I mention that we are supposed to get snow this week?

2.Do you drive a John Deere? Um, NO!  I am not a fan of John Deere.  You would pay extra for that green paint.  Well, today, they are all too expensive.  And, they aren’t getting any cheaper.  Well, I love my office.  It is a CAT Challenger 55.  Here is a picture.

I don’t know if you can tell who is in it, but it is Stacy Sikes.  He works with the House of Compassion in Rochester, MN at the Mayo Clinic.  He is one of the most amazing men I ever have met.  Truly one of those guys you can never get enough of.  He went to a family reunion and his car broke down and he was looking for a way to pass the time.   I taught him how to drive the tractor and he had at it.

I gotta tell you what I have added to the tractor.   Because of modern technology, a GPS system with autosteer makes my life easy.  You turn on the computers and the tractor steers itself.  I take my ipod with a lot of sermons on it and audiobooks, podcasts and tons of other stuff and I am in heaven.  The one drawback and reason I can’t just sleep is, it won’t turn around at the end of the field.  You have to turn it at the ends of the field.  It is a nice addition though.

That is enough to get us started.  If you have any questions, leave them in the comments and I will attempt to answer them in a future post.  Pray for rain!  or snow!  or moisture, except hail.  Hail, not good!

I am off to Atlanta.  I will try and post from there.  Check this out…I am going to the Georgia Dome, get to see Tim McGraw in concert, and write it all off my taxes.  Ain’t God Good???


4 responses to “Life on the Farm

  1. is millet also called “milo”?

    my folks finally retired from farming. my dad wouldn’t drive a Ford car/truck if you gave him one, but he had mostly Ford tractors.

    I have driven a few. they farmed corn, soybeans, and what we called milo. used for feed for animals as far as I know.

    Johnson Grass used to appear in my dreams (nightmares)

  2. I have a friend that farms here in Childress. He too has a GPS. He listens to sermons, take notes and even reads. I’m amazed.

    But he loves green paint!

    Well, two out of three ain’t bad. Glad you are stopping by! Most of my referals come from you! Maybe you should come sit in a tractor for a day! I will even turn the AC on for you!

  3. Eddie Stegall

    Tucker, glad that you shared some pictures on your blog. I have enjoyed reading so far. Yes, Stacy Sikes is a good man. I have known him a long time. If you get to talk to him again ask him about his “worm farm”. Keep on putting up pictures, I really enjoy seeing them. I have a small farm in Clarendon, Texas and I grow wheat, cane hay and have a few cows. you are right about the prices being too high and you didn’t even mention the fuel! lol Take care, I look forward to more from you. oh yeah, I am very fond of the blue paint.
    Hey Eddie, glad to have you aboard!!! More pictures to follow. I haven’t talked to Stacy for awhile but when I do, I will bring that up. check back, I will give you all the details over time. Don’t want to bore too many people. I have a little blue paint too.

  4. Great post Tucker! Thanks for sharing!

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