Friday Stuff

For all of you, and this blog is growing according to the stats, that have come and are new to the blogging world, I have got to let you in on a little secret of the blogging community.  First, not many people really go directly to the blog site.  At least the pro’s.  Well, how do they read blogs then?  Great Question….They use a reader product.  Most of the blog community use a little product that comes from Google called…Google Reader Here you subscribe to blogs, they are directly fed when they are posted right to your own personal Google Reader page and you can scroll through a whole list of blogs.  I know you will put this one first, but it is a great little tool to aid in your daily blog addiction reading.

My cool website of the week is JamStudio! Ok, I will admit, this site is very addictive!  Let me warn you, you want to block off some time when you get to start Jamming because it will take up your time, and, you may produce the next American Idol song!  Let me know what you think of it!

One last thing, if you Twitter and you know who you are if you know what that means, here is me. I don’t post too often, but it is kind of a neat little tool.

And another one last thing, Have a great weekend and check for a new update Monday.  We will fly back home Sunday.  The baby has done great and everywhere we go, the people just fall in love with him.  I will have to show you some pictures of him.  Remind me to do that!

I dare you to leave a comment.


One response to “Friday Stuff

  1. Dare accepted, Steve. Were you holidaying in Atlanta? Have a safe trip back home.

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