It’s Official – my biggest fan has arrived

It’s amazing how fast this blog has grown.  I don’t know if the statistics that are tracked are correct, but it is growing to around 80 people who check out what I have to say.  If you are one of them, Thank You.

I received a call yesterday from someone.  She said, “Where is this website thing you are doing?”  I gave her the URL and she made her way to here!  Yes, it is official, my mother is reading the blog.  I would assume that the statistics will drastically go up and be skewed knowing that she will constantly hit refresh.  My sister has also graced her presence here too.  I wonder how that will affect the content of this endeavor knowing that the one who scolds me will be reading the words that are forever in print.

Let me tell you about my mom.  In our little church, she is the patriarchal woman.  When there is a question of religious debate, whom is it that the body of believers turns too for the official answer?  Her.  Probably a well-earned title.  I am not saying she is old, because to me, she seems young, but I think many consider her wise.  Last year she read through the entire bible.  I talked to her on New Years Eve and she was quite busy completing the goal she had set out on.  (Procrastination flares up often in our family.)  It was interesting as she read through to hear some of the changes or questions in her pre-determined beliefs.  I am thankful that she taught me that no matter how old you are, you are always a student.  You can quit studying when you die.

Well, it hasn’t always been an easy life, but she has always been my mom.  I listened on the phone as she chuckled over some of my previous posts.  She probably chuckled a little harder than most of you since she knows me personally.  Actually, as I think about it, I can’t wait to share you some stories about my childhood growing up, like the time she spanked me with a wooden spoon and broke it across my backside.  And she really isn’t a violent woman.  But, she is still my mom, and I love her, and I wouldn’t trade her for any other.  Mom’s really are special people and Mothers Day should be everyday.


5 responses to “It’s Official – my biggest fan has arrived

  1. Tucker … warning… when having your mom read your blog. Sometimes you get in trouble for writing things you shouldn’t.

    On more than one occasion I have had my mom say, “Trey, you know we don’t use those kind of words!”

    It’s nice when your mom read the blog! I know I read it! Keep it up.

  2. “Let me tell you about my mom. In our little church, she is the patriarchal woman. ”

    I guess your mom should scold you if you call her a manly woman on the internet. 🙂

    I meant it in the female perspective of the word if I could take that liberty : )

  3. That would be MATRIARCHAL.

    (Sorry, I married a woman with an degree in English.)

    We were also wondering if it’s your mother or sister that scolds you.

  4. Tucker,
    What a blessing to have a godly woman for a mother and one who still loves to be in the Word. You are a blessed man!


  5. Just for the record—The broken spoon was plastic –not wooden–and it was old and brittle!! Kind of like me! 🙂

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