Friday Cool Stuff

In an attempt to put content here that is cool and adventurous for those of you who read this, I want to pass on stuff that I find interesting.  It’s called, Friday Cool Stuff!  Great title!  Catchy actually. 

The first item is a web site for wasting more time.  Maybe next week we will look at something that can be a benefit, but for now,…This is a top rated gaming site.  All kinds of ways to entertain, frustrate, and relax with a good computer whooping! 

The next item came to me as I was in the Denver Airport parking lot.  Some guy was walking around looking for somebody to jump his car.  Poor guy, I felt bad for him, but I had no time to help as I was on my way to catch a plane.  Double check your car before you leave is a good policy.  (This is why I am sometime called, MR. Obvious).  Well, if the guy would have had one of these devices, he might of been in good shape.

Jump Start Your Car By YourselfAnd the good news is, it’s only about $40.  Nice to have in the event that you need it.  Just pull it out of the glove compartment and stick it in the cigarette lighter and wait 10 mintues and you are supposed to be good to go.  I don’t think it would have enough power to start a tractor, but your little 4 cylinder car should be no problem.



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