My first top ten list!

I appreciate the comments and the love that Mondays post has received.  It was another of an amazing experiences that God has presented to me.  Tomorrow, I am going to ask for your help, so be sure to check back in tomorrow as I have a question for you and need your input.

1.  Trey Morgan has another of his famous TOP 10 Lists.  This one is how to spot a dying church.  Trey has a heart the size of Texas and was just listed as the number one religious blogger in the world or something like that.

Funny that this topic should show up now.  I attend a church of Christ that presently is without a paid preacher.  Frankly, I LOVE THIS!  For a variety of reasons.  In fact, Thank You Trey Morgan, I am inspired to give you my:

Top 10 reasons why I love not having a paid preacher:

  • The church has more money available for fixing the building.
  • Services are much shorter since the one doing the preaching won’t/can’t get fired
  • No one is at the building during the week so there are less “problems to take care of”
  • When someone is sick, there is no specific person that will come bother them in the hospital.
  • Church time is easier since there is no one to offer self inflection words.
  • More money for fancier plates at potluck.
  • The community won’t ask your church to participate since you don’t have a go too guy.
  • More money in an ever growing bank account
  • More available funds to fix things on a building
  • The utilities are less since there is no one there to worry about the temp throughout the week.

Well, I hope you understand that in the gist it was written.  Frankly, I really do like not having a preacher.  I might regret those words, but there have been some great things happening.  I was talking with our elder about it and he agrees.  We agreed that it has caused several men to grow spiritually, it has also allowed our financial situation to change so that we can reach out in new ways.  Unfortunately,  in my opinion, we have grown our account to some staggering numbers.  It is funny to see how people react around that.  People are worried that it is not enough, others think we need massive amounts saved up so we can afford a preacher.  Money sure is an interesting subject in the church!

I think men should preach, I am just not convinced that it should be such an assumed role in each church.  Conflicts rare their ugly head, preachers are criticized and hurt, when members are paying for services rendered by that preacher and he doesn’t do what they think he should be doing.   Funny thing happened, no one complains much anymore since we don’t have a paid preacher.  I have done my duty preaching and all I get is “That was a good message”.  Not one complaint!  Our biggest struggle has now been around the money.  People have complained because we spent too much on the poor in our community.  But, out of the same mouths, “I have no problem spending any amount on the building”.  Can’t wait to see what the building looks like in heaven.

2.  A  new blogger I am following:  Wendy is my new best friend from Australia. Don’t read this when you are hungry!  Welcome to the blogging world Wendy.


2 responses to “My first top ten list!

  1. Thanks for the plug, Steve! I’m just so blessed to be connected to my blogging friends, and be inspired by what y’all write.

  2. There are many churches that don’t have full time paid preachers. Many are very healthy churches. Paid preachers aren’t necessary for growth, but can be helpful. I love the fact that the men there are having to step up and do more. I see that as growth.

    Still loving your blog!

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