Cool Stuff Weekend Edition

I just read in the Christian Chronicle about the editor losing a hard drive. I have never had that happen, but it appears to be a serious issue when it does. We have had a few problems with email programs like outlook, but nothing with a hard drive. I have purchased a cheap USB backup hard drive that works quite well to secure important documents and pictures. It works well, but I don’t keep it offsite so if the house did ever burn down, bye bye computer, bye bye hard drive, and bye bye all important documents contained on them. But, wait a second, this is cool stuff weekend. Let me introduce you to something that can store that important stuff for free on the cloud.

ADrive is a simple solution to your back up problems. ADrive gives you 50GB of space to store all of your precious memories and documents. It’s free and yet elegant and the best part is, it is free and always available. What a solution to saving all of the important things in life. The bad part, you have to upload chunks at a time and uploading is slow compared to downloading, but it is well worth it.

And Speaking of Hard Drives, what do you do if you suspect a problem with your hard drive? Send several hundred dollars trying to have GeekSquad analyze it? Let me suggest a simple way to get back that data that you did not back up and assumed was lost.

Spinrite is an incredible program that costs a little money, but, might be worth it if you didn’t do a backup. It costs around $80 bucks but there are also a host of other free things on this site for your own web security. Steve Gibson is very good and knows a lot of geeky tech stuff that is way over my head, but, he sure can provide you a way to save yourself some precious memories or extreme headaches. Try them out and let me know what you think!Spinrite


One response to “Cool Stuff Weekend Edition

  1. Mookie Blaylock

    Thanks for the info about ADrive. I desperately needed back up for my files, photos, and music. ADrive is the only site I’ve found with enough storage for my entire harddrive.

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