Strange things happen to me

Yes, I am back.  I never really went anywhere.  One becomes secluded when their internet connection fails.  To live where I live and actually get a computer connected to the rest of the world is one of those marvels of technology.  It appears that my computer is wired to a radio that broadcasts wirelessly with all of my other rural friends to a radio that sits atop a grain elevator.  That radio then transmits all of that data to another radio 20 miles away on top of another grain elevator in a different town.  That radio picks up that cities traffic and all of ours and shoots it down to another city, where it does the same thing again, where it makes its way to the final spot that goes through a computer to the internet.  Pretty crazy.  It’s a wonder that it can keep it all straight and work at such a good speed.

It works through storms, wind, rain, blizzard, but when the power goes out…it goes out and out for quite some time.  Well, that is just what happens when you choose to live where I do.  It is great to be connected to the world and I just love technology.

We traveled to Denver Thursday afternoon and hit a blizzard by the Denver airport.  Then we drove 20 miles south and it was clearing out and we could see the mountains.  Then we drove home that night after eating at the Cheesecake Factory, (we don’t eat out much where we live, so I like to take advantage of this opportunity) and then drove back home.  We got home at 2:30, went to bed, got up at 6am and looked outside at the blizzard.  Yes, a blizzard on May 2.  My son gets on the bus at 7am and at 7:45, the bus returned with my son.  He got the rest of the day off.

I spent most of Friday preparing to do something I had never done before.  I had to deliver the message at my Great Aunt Wilma’s funeral.  Have you ever overextended the pressure you put on yourself?  I put way too much on my shoulders, but it paid off because it went very well and I was glad I had the opportunity.  The funeral was on Saturday, the sun came out, the snow melted and it was a beautiful day.  It is just amazing how quickly things change.

I will return to things of more substance tomorrow.  I left many more details out of the last few days.  I have some stories that I want to share in the near future.   I hope I don’t forget them.  Have a great day!


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