The middle of nowhere.

You need to get a clear picture of where we live. I often tell people, “do you know where the middle of nowhere is?” They will usually say, “Yes”. Which really strikes me as funny that everybody has experienced being in the middle of nowhere. I then tell them, “well, we live right beside it.” We live 75 miles to the closest Wal-Mart. 35 miles from a McDonald’s. 14 miles from the closest grocery store. Our address is from a town of 150 people. The school my son goes to is over 20 miles away. My closest neighbor is over a mile away. Not completely on the edge of the earth, but I can see it from here.

We are somewhat secluded, but we do have our advantages. I can teach my boys about how to use the great outdoors. I taught them how to use their zipper on their pants in our front yard. What an honor to see my boys mature into a new stage of life! We are men! Warning: they really need to understand that this practice can only be applied here, not at grandma’s house in town!

As much I love to claim that I live in the middle of nowhere, I have really experienced the middle of nowhere and it isn’t a pleasant place. In fact, it is very scary, at least that is what I created it to be in my own mind. A couple of months ago, I was in the Northeast corner of Wyoming. About 6 hours from my house. I was driving home, and it was 7pm. It was very dark. Forecast was for rain, changing into snow. In Wyoming, it can dump, and blow snow like no other.

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I was in Newcastle, Wy heading south to make my way home. I had talked to my wife earlier and tried to get a weather report. I stopped and purchased some caffeine so that I would be alert and awake. My mother called and I filled her in as to what the situation was. I was fueled up, and ready to go. I had made my way onto the highway and set the cruise. The first sign said, Next town – 60 miles. Wha???? It is lightly raining, it’s 7pm on a Sunday night, and I will be 30 miles from anything. As I drove, my cell phone went dead (no signal). I couldn’t even call someone and tell them I was about to be eaten by coyotes and birds that feast on dead carcasses. The radio station faded away and I hit seek/scan and watched the radio laugh at me as to say, “You think you are going to be entertained here—I don’t think so”. I scanned the horizon and it was completely black, no lights from any type of any structure, no glow of any city, just pure unadulterated darkness. I have never felt so all alone in all of my life!

But I prayed. “God, just get me down this road safe, no broken belts or flat tires or blown transmissions or don’t even let me see a deer or wandering buffalo on the highway.” And suddenly a Christian radio station of all things came on and a song that said, I will not fear, cause you are near. I wish I would have wrote it down what exactly the song was, but my hands were wrapped on the steering wheel. And suddenly, I knew, no matter what, things were going to be alright. And, I made it to the next town. All I had to do was just drive down the road.

I know how I felt in that situation. I know there are people in the world who are all alone and yet surrounded by lots of people. That must be scary. One thing I have noticed is that it is great to have people around, but, there is nothing that can comfort like God. Too many times, people put their stock in other people, when only God is the perfect solution. I just want to make sure that I show them the best representation of God, and then point them in His direction so they don’t have to worry about being in the middle of nowhere.


3 responses to “The middle of nowhere.

  1. That was a great story. I have had times where i feel lonely. sometimes I am just at a loss at how i can feel lonely and still be around so many people at church. and then I get mad at church because no one seems to care. thanks for redirecting me towards God as the only answer.
    I would like to meet you someday.

  2. so true! on a side note, I am from the burbs and I went to visit my aunt who lives in a town of 108 people in kansas – I would have described that as the middle of no-where too 😉

    Hey Bob, thanks for visiting! I love your website and your work. Very valuable stuff and thanks for adding value to me…literally!

  3. Steve, there are parts of Australia that make your “neighbourhood” look overpopulated! There is one area in Queensland (Diamantina shire) that is bigger than the UK. It has a population of 434 people! There are parts of Western Australia that are even emptier!

    Hey Wendy, It just goes to show, you can always find a middle of nowhere, anywhere!

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