Cool Stuff Friday

In an effort to share with you some of the coolest things found “in the cloud”. (In the cloud, is new slang for things that hang out on the web).  Let me share something extremely interesting for you to look at today. I heard about this particular website this week on one of my many podcasts that I listen too and thought, this is too good to be true. But then I tried it out and sure enough, this thing is really amazing.

You have pictures from that vacation to Rhode Island. You really want to go to the neighbors house and show them on powerpoint; however, that is so 80’s. Now, you can spice them up and pass them on to not just the neighbors, but the entire world if you wish.   You want to make a cool video of the pictures you took at camp, church activity, sporting event, you name it, you are going to be blown away with what can be made.

Welcome to Animoto

Animoto allows you to take your preselected pictures, throw up some of your favorite appropriate music; your favorite choice, or you can select your own personal style from Animoto’s website.  Animoto does the rest. You can only make 30 second video’s for free, but for $3 you can make a big one, or for $30 bucks a year, you can be in picture video production bliss.  People will be amazed at what you have produced.

Check out my little video production.  It’s all about my new baby Trevyn.  He’s a keeper, in fact, all my kids are keepers and they are all in the little video production.  Trevyns meets the family

I think the possibilities are endless with this cool little website.  Check it out and let me know what you think.


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