Oil and Gas prices got you down…Move to Venezuela!

Isn’t it funny that people sometimes turn perception into reality?

Aren’t you glad you aren’t one who has this problem?  Ok, I do.  There is monstrous amounts of talk about the price of oil.  It is higher.  The reason?  Demand in the world is increasing.  There is data to suggest that demand in the United States is going down, but, demand in the world is going up.  That means the price will continue to go up.

I watch CNBC in the mornings and quite often whenever I get the chance.  This morning they ran this report and it is really telling of why the demand problem is persisting.  You really need to be aware of what is transpiring in the world.  The third world countries are climbing their way out of third world status.  Not to say that things are rosy everywhere, but it is improving.

Check out this video and you will see as you look at world gasoline prices the real reason demand can continue to increase.  Our free society lets the market dictate price, other places don’t play by those rules.

World Oil Prices CLICK HERE

Some things don’t need much explaining.  Maybe this will make it clearer for you.  Where will oil and gas go?  I don’t know…what goes up will come down.  That sure seems to be the case with the grains as I have witnessed over the years.

What questions are you asking?  Don’t ask, “Why does it have to happen?”.  But ask, “What do I do to cope with this huge change?”  You can’t change the world, but you can change you.  How can you get better?  If you want cheaper gas…Move to Venezuela.  Don’t worry, in a couple of years, we will all look back at this and laugh.  I am not sure what will be funny, but, we can laugh about it.


2 responses to “Oil and Gas prices got you down…Move to Venezuela!

  1. Doubt they will go down anytime soon or ever for that matter.Won’t matter as this won’t be amaerica for too much longer at the rate we are giving our money away to the rest of the world.maybe chnese gas will be cheaper.LOL!

  2. Marantz PMD620 is what I’m thinking about buying to replace my Marantz PMD660. Not sure if I should spend 235 bucks to fix the old one, or spring for a new one … kind of hit right in the middle there.

    Enjoyed talking to you tonight. E-mail me sometime… I didn’t have your e-mail.

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