A Unique Roadtrip

Can you imagine driving across the country (the lower 48 states)? Can you imagine planning a route that even hits all 48 states. And then, can you imagine doing it with 4 other people?

Ok, now imagine doing it in 5 days? Yes, hitting 48 states in 5 days with 2 other guys. A wild concept, but it has been done. Heres the proof. Here’s the website.

Wouldn’t it be interesting if a group of bloggers set out on a roadtrip much like this one. Blogging all the way of their experience. Getting to know each other and relaying their experiences of the people they meet, and the pleasure they get by filling the tank. Maybe even stopping at churches and just having a fun time of fellowship, study, unity, and worship.

A kind of missionary journey. Who would play Paul? Who would be Barnabas? Who would be Timothy? Where would the route be? How would it be paid for? Maybe it could be an annual event that takes different people each year and goes to different places each year. It could leave right out of Tulsa after the workshop in March. It could have a purpose. It could be tracked through technology. It could be radical. It could be unifying amongst the body.

Could you imagine Trey Morgan, Terry Rush, Craig Hicks, and the blog king John Dobbs on a bus for two weeks driving through North Dakota, South Dakota, Idaho, Washington and Oregon? Making stops every night, giving a message of love, giving encouragement, and just forming relationships and unifying people who follow “the Way”. Maybe you are one who needs to be on the motorhome.

I like the idea. I may mull this over a little more. They did it a few thousand years ago, and their stories exist in an amazing collection of books that is quite popular. It could be impactful.

Am I crazy? Is it just too ridiculous, or too ridiculous it just might work? What do you think?


7 responses to “A Unique Roadtrip

  1. motorcyclegrandmalinda

    When they gt to WV I have 4 acres..plenty of room to park the RV and they might even see my bears in the back yard!

  2. I do not think it would work for blog king John Dobbs. Even pre-Katrina he was more the hotel type than the communal camper type. Then, he had to live in a camper in his driveway for a while. Also, he would want too much input on where to stop to eat. So in your traveling missionary scenario, he would have to be Luke, the authoritative Dr. who, in Paul’s travels, seemed to be around only sometimes, when he wanted to be.

  3. I’m in … where do I need to be to get picked up! 🙂

  4. LOL @ C3 …

    Tucker…. what an amazing trip that would be. Do we need sponsors? LOL

  5. I estimate it will be $7,000 in gas.

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