The biggest problem with high gas prices

Precision Gas pumping!

There are times when I am very particular.  I like things to be “decent and in order”.  While living on a farm with four kids, I have somewhat given up on the notion that this exists as I once knew it.  However, there are still things that I like clean and proper.  I like checking accounts to have no change.  When I make out the Sunday check for church, sometimes I clean up the loose change in the account with this transaction between God and I.  I am sure God approves of this gesture.

One of the games millions of Americans play everyday goes something like this.  First, pull up to a gas station pump.  Pull out plastic card.  Insert into pump card reader.  Then, pray that it actually works and approves this transaction.

If the transaction is approved, then comes the next game.  For many people, it was fun to stop the amount on an even amount with no change.  This has become a challenge with gas hovering around the $4.00 mark.  It is much more difficult to stop on an even amount with such little margin for error.  The good news is, to round it to the next whole dollar only takes a quarter of a gallon.  So, the next time you fill up the tank or just go in for a $10 gas run, play the ever exciting “gas filler up game”.  If you hit on an even dollar amount, give yourself a pat on the back and buy yourself a $.99 cent bottle of Pepsi.  You might need something stronger, oil is over $131/barrel today.


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