Cool Stuff Friday

I am home, but only for a brief moment.  However, when I am gone, let me show you what I am setting up at my house.  A few years ago while I was gone, my house was robbed.  The perpetrators only stole select items in my house.  My entire CD collection was robbed.  All of my Menudo, MCHammer, Roger Whitaker, and Johnny Mathis collections were gone.  If I had today’s Cool Stuff Friday item, the thieves would be behind bars, stripped of their dignity and taken to the stakes to burn.  Well, probably  not, but I can imagine that.  Actually, probably nothing would of much changed and they would have just got my stuff, but I would have at least known who did it.  If they would have just come asked me, I would have helped them out.  I would just like to have known who was taking my stuff.  Well, with a $40 webcam and this nifty little addition, it is now possible to run your own neighborhood watch while you are gone.  Wanna know if the kids are having a big blowout party while you are stressing with Aunt Hildreth about her hemmorhoids, here is a way to watch the action.

You can watch your webcam from anywhere you have a web connection.  It can be set up that it only comes on when motion is detected.  It is free for the time being and their plan is to offer it as a free service, or you can pick an option for $15.00 per YEAR.  For the time being, it is absolutely FREE!  The company is based in Singapore so if you think someone from the company is going to watch your cam and see if they should come rob you, that might be a long drive for them.  However, you never know.  Check it out!  You may find out who is stealing the last piece of cake or stuff out of your fridge. 

Dog in the Fridge

And one last thing:  You have got to check out Twitter!  I know you don’t understand it, but, it is where life happens when you want to know what is happening.  (Yeah, that is deep)  It’s easy and it’s free!  Get an account and check out what is going on in the worlds of others.  An interesting concept to stay connected.  And as disconnected as I am, I love it!  Here is where I reside on Twitter.


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