An interesting day

Yes, I have not posted regularly last week.  I have had a cold or something that has really been working me over lately.  It is not pleasant to have a cold in the summer time.  However, it has been the strangest weather.  I haven’t turned on the AC very much this year.  The temp has only been in the 90’s maybe once.  I have yet to turn on the lawn sprinklers.  I have a few trees that have lost half of their branches (they don’t look very pleasant).  So it still feels like spring here.

Sunday was an interesting day.  I didn’t feel my best, but I was not going to let that stop me.  The elders of our little rural church were going to do the entire assembly by themselves.  Well, the three of them did except for my son Michael.  He was the only addition.  They had him read Acts 2:40-42.  He did great!  I was proud.  One elder led the songs, one elder gave a lesson on God’s love and our love for one another.  One elder talked about communion with one another, and then the three of them served the entire congregation.  It was powerful, it was unordianary, it was uncomfortable for some, it was real!  But, another elder stood and told how nervous he was because his hands were like bricks of ice.  He then talked about the power of God and tapping into God through prayer.  He then did the most unique thing I have ever seen at an assembly.  He walked around and put his hands on individuals and prayed over them.  People were crying, and it was real!  God was blessed and I am in awe of these men as they continue to grow.  You had to be there and know the history of this church to appreciate the value of this day.

We have potluck every Sunday.  Our church likes to eat.  And we have some great cooks.  There is no reason to be hungry on Sundays.  I often invite visitors to stay and say, “I would love to buy you lunch”.  It’s the best lunch in town and the price is great.  Plus, we just get to spend time together since we all live so far away from one another.  Then, those that still choose to stick around get together for a little singin and a little more study and discussion.  It’s good stuff!  Then at 6pm whoever wants meets at a restaurant of choice for supper and more fellowship.  Let it be known, we love to eat!

We leave here at 8:30 on Sunday mornings, drive 40 miles to church, and spend the day there.  It is 4pm at the earliest by the time we get home.  If we stay and eat, it’s more like 8 or 9pm.

Yesterday we got home and my 12 year old Michael and I went and hooked up a tractor to a disc so I could get some field work done.  Don’t tell anyone, but he can drive a pickup and followed me to the field.  He got in the tractor with me and I got the field started for him and then I let him drive it.  After he made a few turns, I told him to stop, I was getting off, and I did.  He took off and worked another hour until it was close to dark, where we went home and my wife had supper ready.  It was a great day!  A great start to a really busy week!


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  1. Still loving your blog, Tucker…

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