Have you ever thought how truly rich you are?

I came across one of the best articles on how rich we truly are. Solomon was listed as the wisest on the earth. He was also quite wealthy. Solomon never had a car. Solomon never took a cross continental flight. He was rich compared to the people of his time, but, compared to us today, he sure is missing out on today’s life of luxury.

Take just a moment and read this article by my friend Bob at Christian Personal Finance. He makes some great points and instead of me stealing them for myself, I will let Bob lay out how rich we truly are and maybe you can garner a new appreciation for what kind of luxurious life we live today.


An example of my richness.

The main crop that we raise on this farm is Winter Wheat.  We plant it in the fall of the year in mid September to October.  I began planting and on the first field I planted, we got a shower of rain.  It wasn’t much, but enough to delay for half a day until things dried out.  The next few days were hot, dry and windy.  The moisture that we received from that small shower soon dried up and disappeared.

Now, most of what I farm, I no-till, which means we don’t work the ground, and because of that, we require a drill that can put the seed through the unworked ground.  When it gets hot and dry, it bakes that un-worked ground like pavement and it is hard to get that seed in the soil to moisture.  Thus, after planting, a week or two of watching the wheat come up, I was very concerned of how poor a stand emerged to go through a winter.  Some of it, I went back in and drilled again.

This spring, I was still sickened at how poor everything looked, but I fertilized it and put on some weed control.  It rained, and snowed, and stayed cool and cloudy and today, I am just in awe of how God just seems to take care of things.  The crop today looks incredible.  I don’t know where it came from!

So much of what a farmer does is out of our control.  Just look at Iowa and Missouri today with the massive flooding.

Wheat harvest has started in the south.  We are a month away here.  With harvest progressing, you would think the wheat market would be finding a way to start dropping, however, it is following the corn market and has been rising.  I hate to say it, but, start preparing for higher food prices.  I know things have already gone up from two years ago, but, it doesn’t look like this year is going to be any different.  All I know is, I am going to be blessed immensely, and I plan to share God’s blessing.


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  1. Nice Site layout for your blog. I am looking forward to reading more from you.

    Tom Humes

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