An amazing new outfielder

Ok, This is making its way around but if you haven’t seen this…you will thank me. Out of the big three sports, football, basketball and baseball, I like baseball the least. However, there are certain moments that make you just sit back and go…huh? Did I just see what I thought I just saw?

I think this is self explanatory! Enjoy!


4 responses to “An amazing new outfielder

  1. Something tells me that isn’t real. How on earth could anyone time that and place themselves that specifically to catch that ball? I am guessing it is a fake.

  2. Hate to tell you this, but Matt Dabbs is right. It was for a Gatorade commercial.

  3. Commercial or not, it’s still an amazing snag!

    Glad you stoppe by the spiritual oasis, Tucker.

    I grew up in Oklahoma and spent many a summer on the tractor. There are days when I wish for an opportunity to spend a day plowing. Of course, we didn’t have such a thing as GPS Autosteer back then! The first tractor I spent any time on was an International Harvester WD-9, pulling a 12′ one way.

    Blessings in Christ,

  4. Hello. Nice Blog.

    I thought this was real, too. But it isn’t.

    Man, when she grabbed that ball, I thought I was going to fall out of my chair. lol

    I did some research. Check this vid out…

    (Sorry for poor quality)

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