Cool Stuff Friday!

Ok, first things first. My last post was a video that if I were playing a pick up game of baseball with my home boys, she would be at the top of the selection list. However, when I posted it, I knew it was a hoax. Girls can’t play like that! Let’s be real. Here you can read how they did it.

Ok, need some cool stuff for this Friday edition. Here is a video that I saw on TV and it’s one that just makes you ask why and say “Ouch” at the same time. Check this out: Click Here

I had the video embedded here, but it seems CBS gets real picky about Youtube having videos on their site, so, click the link and the video is on the upper right hand side. After you watch it, cut a hole in your roof and fill your bathtub with ice water and jump in.


And finally, ever felt like you were paying way too much for car repairs? The bad news, it’s going to get worse with the price of steel and the price of labor and everything else going up. When you get a repair bill, what are you going to do? How can you argue when you don’t even have a clue what a pinion is? You need:

This service is really pretty cool. It gives you a great place to start to at least get a handle on how much the repair should cost, and where you can get the job done, and how much the parts should be. And, it does it by location. I even put in my remote location and it came up with a few of the local repair places in town. Not bad! If you have an upcoming car repair job, check it out!


One response to “Cool Stuff Friday!

  1. Have a look at Our service will generate an accurate estimate (No ranges) giving you the exact labor time with average labor rates in your area calculated from a 65K record repair facility. Our service also lists out the exact OEM Part # & Price.

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