The Best Birthday Present I Got.

Yep, today is my birthday!  I forgot how old I am and frankly, age is a state of mind and I am really immature.  I really refuse to grow up.  But I want to tell you about my birthday today.  Not the actual birth day cause I really don’t know much about that particular moment.

I woke up early and made the coffee.  It was on the schedule to preach today because the guy who was on the schedule to preach was not going to be able to make it.  We have no preacher at our church so a few take turns at preaching.  (I kind of like it myself!) Well, I put the finishing touches on the lesson and we stuffed the van full of kids and headed out the 35 miles to the building.  The teacher for the class didn’t show up, seems he communicated it to one, but it never got any further.  Well, I got to teach to the class.  Why is it when you walk into a class with nothing prepared it turns out to be one of the best classes? Then, the guy who was on the schedule to preach shows up so I have material for my next turn.  We had a wonderful potluck and everyone sang me happy birthday and I got to go first!  Then, we loaded up and drove 50 miles to the neighbor church for area wide singing. We ate again! Then after it was over, we went and saw the movie Wall-E.  (I was disappointed)

But the best part about today was when we arrived home and I fired up the internet and ran across this posting from my sister on her blog. I was not expecting that, nor did I know she felt that way.  If you want some dirt on me, take a look at her blog.  Its a great read.

That’s it, Happy Birthday to me!  I have some good ones in the work for this week.  Check back daily!


5 responses to “The Best Birthday Present I Got.

  1. I do have a couple of pretty good kids! Happy Birthday, Steve!!

  2. Glad it was a great day for you!

  3. It was nice to get a testimony affirming that you are as nice a guy as we suspected..

  4. Okay, the funniest line of your post was “we stuffed the van full of kids”. I can just picture it now. Sorry to interrupt the movie, but I am glad you found the post when you got home. You are a good man, Steve Tucker!

    And btw…mom didn’t tell me happy birthday on my blog, so she must like you best! 🙂

  5. Happy birthday big boy … even if it is a little late.

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