The Best Things in Life are Free

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart.” – Helen Keller.

Oh how there are many who search the world for the finest things in life. They work hours upon hours to get more money so they can have income to pay for their bills. When you examine the history of this country over let’s say the past 50 years, you can observe that things have changed immensely.

We will call it “the standards of life”. For example:

  • Then, having a car was becoming a standard that time, today, a car for every person over 16.
  • Then, you needed just one garage with a door you had to get out of you car to open, today a car with technology sends a signal to the house that the car is in the vicinity and it automatically opens the door, tells the car that it is in the proper position, the door automatically shuts (unless the neighborhood cat is under it) and the garage is heated to keep the car warm in the winter.
  • Then, you read the newspaper for news and could listen to the radio, today, you have 60″ plasma flat screen television with more news channels than I had total channels as a kid.
  • Then, informational entertainment was limited to MAD Magazine and a few other choice selections, today, you can waste hours with blogs (this one excluded!).
  • And so on and so on etc. etc. etc.

The standard of life is a fruitless effort to have more and more. It’s interesting in today’s present economy that people are really starting to examine this. “What do we cut out or where do we cut back?”. I talked to a friend who is in the know and gas stations along I-80 in Nebraska are 20% lower in fuel sales this summer. But, people still search for more stuff and ways to get it.

Yesterday I had my 4 year old daughter on the tractor with me. She really wanted to ride along. As we went around the field and drove across the prairie, the noise of the tractor helped her drift asleep with her head on my shoulder. What a moment that I know in just a few short years, will probably cease to exist. My 5 year old Tyler got in bed last night and then he got up and said, “Dad, I was in bed, when are you going to come tell us a story?” So I got off the computer and went in like I often do and told them a story. I love to make up the bedtime stories and like everytime I preach, they hang on every word. A precious moment when I end the story and they beg, “tell us another one”. Watching my little 6 month old baby fall asleep in my arms after I gave him a bottle-priceless. And then there is Michael, my 12 year old man! I have noticed this past week that for some strange reason, his voice is really changing. And when my wife Rachel snuggles up beside me and just rubs my back or takes my hand or when she questions my behavior, all things I need, priceless!

All these things are FREE! And they are the best things in life! And they will live in my mind for as long as I exist! So, I tell myself, yeah, I would love a new pickup, I would love a new combine…it’s all stuff. Dwell on the things that are eternal, they are much more valuable.

What is the best thing in your life?


2 responses to “The Best Things in Life are Free

  1. I think the best thing is my life is my health and the people who love me too. I liked this post. it was very sweet. Glad to hear that you are in touch with “real” things 🙂

  2. Hello Tucker

    I heard about you and your farm last night from your sister. Me and two buddies are interested in hunting up there in Nebraska for deer, pheasant, turkey, whatever you got. Let me know how to get hold of you and discuss. We are all church folk and we can preach if you want (no kidding one of the buddies is an elder.)

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