Why I appreciate the JW’s.

I used to be a news junkie.  I think I have been there since the inception of talk radio.  My favorite radio station is NewRadio 850 KOA in Denver. They have talk show hosts, carry Rush Limbaugh, and broadcast over most of the United States after dark.  I listened to that station religiously, every day.  Until I got my Ipod.

I read the news now in only a select manner.  I subscribe to the top headlines, skim it ever so quickly, and once a month, I might click on a story to read more.  I have been pretty harsh on the Jehovahs Witnesses.  But, then there came this article. I really disagree with many things they teach, but they truly have a mission based theology.  This was interesting in learning about their thoughts on baptism.  I never knew that was what they thought.  Probably because I was not interested in arguing with them when they come and knock on my door.

The JW’s are really what developed my Christianity.  I grew up in the church, and learned the doctrine my entire young life.  It wasn’t until one afternoon, a knock on the door and a deep discussion with the Jehovahs Witness that made me realize that what I thought was true…was now in shambles and was in great need to be re-defined by me.  I took this little book that they gave me called, you can live forever in paradise.

mmm, really, I can live on earth forever, that wasn’t something I was taught.

I spent every waking moment as a senior in HS scouring this book and the Bible, trying to validate what it was I truly believed.  Every Christian needs to have this experience, to seek out what it is they believe, and why they believe what they believe. Far too many people just wander through, never realizing how precious a gift their mind is.

It was because of that experience that I have learned to continue to examine my beliefs.  Many times I find I was right, but there are times when what I think can be shaped in a different dimension.

Lately I have heard many of my brothers and sisters make statements that I may have made several years ago. It breaks my heart to see Christians struggle with where they sit with God. They fail to see the loving, forgiving, gracious, merciful God that I have come to know.  And with that, I have a teaching mission over the next few weeks to show them the God that desires a loving relationship with them. I can’t wait!


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  1. Interesting comment there

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