An interesting day in the harvest field

Wish you were here.  We are in the middle of wheat harvest on the Golden plains of Nebraska.  Weather wise, today was very interesting.  I also learned, you should never do much on Sunday or you will pay a price.

Sunday night, we were at the close of the day when I was informed by the young man who was driving the combine (Justin) that he had blown a tire.  I was hoping that it wasn’t the front tire because those things are over $1500.  Thankfully, it was the rear tire and I knew where I could swipe a used one off an old junked combine.  We were up and running first thing this morning.  Did I ever mention I really hate break downs?

We finished up one field this morning and moved across to another one.  It seems the wheat this year is having a difficult time ripening.  Usually this time of year, we should be finished.  We aren’t even half done.  And many of the fields that remain still have green wheat in them and are wasted if they were to be harvested.  Seems most guys are having trouble knocking everything out of the head when it goes through the combine.  We just need some more hot weather.

Early this afternoon, we got clouds, and a sprinkle of rain, just enough to mess things up.  And then I look over and see this:

Yes, if you look closely, you will see one wild tornado.  My wife had come to take pictures of us during harvest and this is what she see’s instead.  Turns out we were 15 miles from it, but it was still cool to see.  I have this wierd and crazy dream to go drive through one of those.  Crazy I know!

It was an interesting day because shortly after this, lighning hit a wheat field and started a fire.  More fun, but then the rain came and put it out about the same time the firetrucks showed up.  That was easy!

I have a story I want to post up here about what occurred this past weekend.  I was thrilled and elated and I can’t wait to find time to share it with you.  Stay tuned!


5 responses to “An interesting day in the harvest field

  1. I would love to see a tornado – from about 15 miles away. But if I was there with you and you said, “Jump in. We are chasing it!” I would not be able to resist – as long as you were driving.
    And I did not have to look carefully to see the tornado in the pic. I clicked on it and got the supersized version

  2. I greatly enjoy your tweets!
    Am praying for less rain and more hot weather so your fields will ripen!!! I wish to bake lots of bread this fall… come on fields… bring on the wheat!
    Saw my share of twisters in WI – I like them FAR away!
    Excellent pic though!

  3. Love the stories about your work and the picture did rock!

  4. Very cool picture–did yall survive the storms last night? There are trees and parts of trees down all over North Platte. Very cool storm, not crazy about the damage–but the power in the storm–pretty cool!


  5. So the picture is a sample of life in Nebraska? hmmm.

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