We are continuing from the field.

Oh wow!  What day is it?  We have been going non stop.  My rear end is numb.  The seat in the combine cab is not very comfortable for 10 hours of sitting.  My wife has taken some pictures that I will post when we are finished.  Suffice it to say, the crop is better than I anticipated.  We start at 8 am and go til we find a good spot to stop.  Usually after 9, then supper, and then I look forward to bed.

Very few breakdowns and so far we have cogered (is this a word?) it all together to keep things going. We do have a string of fields left that still have green wheat in them.  If you run the combine through this, it doesn’t get thrashed.  So, we wait until the sun bakes it dry.

I think I am showing my age because I am tired.  I wanted to get a post in just to keep you updated.

I do have a great story i want to tell you about.  Opportunities exist all the time.  I had a woman ride in the combine with me the other day and she wasn’t my wife.  In fact, my wife was out of town in Billings, MT.  This woman was single.  Got your attention don’t I?  Well, last Sunday this girl came to church with us too.  I am looking forward to putting up the story soon, but for now, I have got to sleep before I fall asleep in my chair (again).

Hope things are going great for you as they are for me.  Stay tuned, theres more to come.


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