It is Finished!

Last night, I crawled off the combine after dumping the last bushels of wheat onto the truck and just thought that it was a shame to be out here in the field all by myself.  So, how about a few pics so you can see what it looked like….

Quite the process to get it from the field to the bin at the elevator.  I wanted to include the morning sunrise picture that was taken early to show that I do get up early. 

The price of wheat has dropped substantially since we began wheat harvest.  People have tried to blame me for the decline saying the wheat was too good.  I am contemplating starting a new program to help get the price back up.  It will be called, “One Loaf per Child”.  If each child would consume just one loaf of bread per day, the wheat prices could double or triple.  It’s a novel idea don’t you think?

I concluded the harvest last night and cut the last field all by myself.  It was quite an experience.  What usually takes six hours with a crew, took me the entire day.  I would load the truck, drive it to town, dump it, and back to the field to fill it again.  With my Ipod all charged up and loaded with my new download from Itunes, I spent the entire day listening to the increasingly popular book, “The Shack”, by William P. Young.  Quite a ride I must tell you.  It seemed as if I were drawn into it and as if it were actually me in the story.  I might post a full review at a later date.

Now, my life returns to normal except for the fact that my entire family is gone and the house is empty.  No kids screaming and no wife.  Reminds me of a few short years when this was my life.  I don’t know if I like it.  They went to visit family in Oklahoma and Arkansas and hopefully they will return next week.  I have a lot of new posts coming that I think you will find very interesting.  See you then.


One response to “It is Finished!

  1. Loved the pictures. Kind of gave me a window into your life…

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