Let’s just cool down a bit!

It seems that the temperatures across the country are popping the mercury right out of the ol thermometer so I thought it would be prudent to help cool you off with a little winter humor. Life is too short to be serious all the time, so, I would rather be serious very little of the time.  Please, try not to laugh as you browse through the rest of this….cause I sure did.  And, it is Safe For Work!  In fact, show it to your boss.

Don’t you wish you could ski like this guy….at least he is cool

And then I find this picture, looook reaaaal close… (I laugh every time I look at this)

Tough story to report!
Tough story to report!

Do you spose this guy even suspects the resemblance?


My life is about to change tonight as my wife and family all return from a tour of the south.  Bachelorhood for the past 10 days is coming to an end.  We will be here a few days and then it is off to the Black Hills for a week!  Here’s why!

The forecast is for 100 here for highs this week and part of next week so we are going to the mountains.  I like hearing how people go to camp and it’s hot and they have to drink lots of water and the food is bad, cause this camp is like on the outskirts of heaven. It is close to
and of course the Sturgis Bike Rally.  If you don’t know what the Sturgis Bike Rally is, google it.  There are bikes everywhere.  Like a swarm of flies on the roadway.  Nothing better than getting your old lady in a tank top one size too small and cruising really curvy winding roads with deer and bears waiting to jump out in front of you.  But, once we make it to camp, we settle in and life couldn’t be much better!  Don’t tell anyone because this is really a nice little secret!


And then I find out that Sears has a sense of humor! Is anyone thinking of snow this time of year?  If you even consider buying one of these, I might need to borrow it.  Oh wait, that is what I have kids for.


One response to “Let’s just cool down a bit!

  1. Did you enjoy your 10 days of bachelorhood? Hopefully you’ll enjoy your trip to Sturgis just as much, if not more? Have you ever been? I haven’t. I confess I’m pretty new to motorcycle culture; I just started working as a brand ambassador for Progressive motorcycle insurance, and since then I’ve become really interested in it. We’re actually going to be at Sturgis, which is awesome! We’ll be giving away free shirts at our booth at Thunder Road, plus having a drawing to win a custom Sucker Punch Sally’s motorcycle. It’s beautiful, kind of old school. The shirts are also really nice, exclusive to Sturgis and absolutely free. If you want to pick one up while you’re there, you just go to http://motorcycle.progressive.com ahead of time to download the coupon, then come by our booth to drop it off and say hi! Be sure to bring the coupon though; we can only give you a free shirt if you have one. We’re going to have other cool giveaways too, so it should be a fun time.

    I hope I haven’t overstepped my bounds by leaving this comment, I’m just trying to get the word out 🙂 If you have any questions or want more information feel free to shoot me an Email: leah.druska@gmail.com.

    See you at Thunder Road, and ride safe!

    Leah Druska
    Brand Ambassador

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