A day at camp

Oh the joys of a peacful camping experience in the black hills of South Dakota.  I get to spend time with my kids and wife, and a ton of other wonderful amazing people.  Someone told me the other day, “I just can’t see you camping in the black hills”.  Truth be known, I can’t either.  But, this kind of camping is shall we say, just my style.  Each family has their own cabin.  The beds aren’t bad.  We have nice community bathrooms which you get your privacy, and their is this sense of heaven.  The kids have their own nicely furnished cabins with bunkbeds for the proper age groups.  It’s just one of those little nestled places off the beaten path that is absolutley gorgeous.  I am getting some pictures so maybe my next post will give you a sense of what we are experiencing here.

Tonight is chilly.  I haven’t been this cold since my air conditioning in my tractor was working too well on a cloudy day this spring.  We have no cell phone access out here.  The only communication to the outside world is this amazingly fast internet connection.  I have no idea where it is coming from but I can say that my internet addiction can be maintained while on vacation.  I even made a few phone calls via skype.

On our way up here, we kept a running total of all the motorcycles that we saw since this is Sturgis week.  We counted over 800 in one town.  Everyone in the van that could count was counting as they were all over the street.  We tallied close to 1600 just that we saw on the way here.  We won’t be counting on the way home, or ever again for that matter.  There was only one that missed a curve on the mountain and was laying on the side of the road.  Hundreds of bikers watching and only a couple that were helping.  She wasn’t hurt too bad and the emergency crews were arriving but it just shows why biking is not my thing.  Bugs in my teeth is not my idea of a good time.

What a wide array of people here too.  One of my good friends here, Chris Nelson, and I were talking and I said that this is the most underrated bible camp.  He said, “I know” and we agreed to keep it our little secret.  So, consider this our little secret OK?  Stay warm where ever you are, cause I am freezing!  But, it feels nice considering the heatwave I hear everyone talking about.  Wish you were here!


3 responses to “A day at camp

  1. My wife is not a camper. But if I were to ever get her to camp, this sounds like the kind of camp I might have a chance to get her to attend. Nice cabins, cool, good program. She problably would still not go for the community bathrooms, though, no matter much privacy they offer.
    Bible camps have been a great experience in my life.

  2. Hey Steve,
    Yep, camp was great all right. But it was greater because you and Rachel and the kids get to come. Thanks for all of your encouragement. That is the best!

  3. What, I get no press?

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