What’s Happening

Friday was another historic day.  My 2nd child of four, and 2nd son headed off to his first day of school.  He was ecstatic and elated.  Where we live, we can spot the bus 10 minutes before it actually arrives upon the Farm Compound.  After the official bus spotting had occurred, Tyler ran through the house, “the bus is coming, the bus is coming.”  I grabbed the camera and was ready to take the shot when the lens sunk back into the camera and it rudely told me that picture taking wasn’t happening, your batteries are dead!

Tyler was set on riding the bus.  For years he watched his older brother get on the bus and return home.  He wanted to do that himself and so on the first day of school, he got on the bus and we met him at school.  He arrived at school and we ventured there to see him off to his first day.  When we arrived, he was in the class with one other boy.  You can see how bright he is, already half done with a puzzle.  Takes after his father.  And yes he was wearing a jacket because it was a bit cool and rainy.

First day of school

First day of school

My other boy starts something new this year in 7th grade.  He is putting on the pads for the first time and playing football.  First practice is Monday!  He told me that he was going to take out his anger during football.  I wasn’t aware he was so mad.  This should be interesting.

Did I tell you, my daughter will be going to preschool all by herself in a couple of weeks.  It would appear that my gasoline bill will be on the rise just trying to keep up with everything.  When I was a  bachelor, I never had these problems.  The house will be empty except for one thing…

future farmer of America

future farmer of America

Trevyn just keeps growing, adding teeth and doing some of those other things that babies do.  He seems so mature for a 7 month old, much like his father. He even has some new teeth that are pretty sharp.  Did you know you shouldn’t put your finger in a babies mouth.

I am disappointed that the bigfoot story is now appearing as a hoax.  How can you let us down like that?  What’s next, the Lochness Monster never existed, or the Bermuda Triangle really exists off the coast of Hawaii?

Have a great weekend, and beware of what is out there.  We are going to the fair!


4 responses to “What’s Happening

  1. They sure grow up quick. Makes me a little sad.

  2. Momentous times, Steve. They grow so fast. Seem to go from toilet traing to puberty overnight. Sigh.

  3. Man, do I have the cutest nephews in the world or what? Now you just need to add a picture of my good-looking 7th grade nephew and my sweet niece!

  4. Kids look precious . . . we miss your humor and not your good looks. Leave that compliment for your better half. I guess we just miss ‘ya period . . . all of you. Texas is too far away.

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