Ramblings from the Farm

Corn and Wheat

Corn and Wheat

Wheat harvest being completed a couple of months ago, we now move into another harvest time,…and sowing time.  Wheat planting is about to begin. Millet harvest is about to begin, and corn harvest is not far behind. And lump in Soybean harvest into that equation somewhere.

The weather seems to be the talk of the town.  Gustav proves to not be as bad as first suspect.  I know that there was a lot of prayers being said as it made its way to Louisiana.  As for my little world in western Nebraska, the wind has been constant everyday.  The highs were routinely in the upper 80’s or lower 90’s, but last evening, the wind stopped for an hour blowing from the south (I suspected Gustav was working its way clear to here).  It was calm.  Then some ominous looking clouds formed in the North, blew over and today it is in the 60’s and blowing from the North.  No more shorts for the kids going to school.  The forcast for the entire week, 70’s for the high and little chance for some rain.

What does one wish for? Rain to get the wheat planted and off to a great start.  Dry weather to get the millet harvested.  I want both!  Do you see how complex it is to be me?

Whatever happens, it will be what happens.  Forcasting is very difficult, ESPECIALLY about the future!  It appears that maybe fall is starting to peek around the corner.  I am predicting that it’s going to appear a little earlier than in the past.

Oil prices are dropping.  OPEC is worried watching this plummet from the $140’s/barrel.  Projections is for oil to drop around the $100/barrel mark.  Good news for consumers.  Unfortunately, the grain prices are tanking right along with it.  What goes up,…must come down.  Kind of like a farmers Net Worth.


4 responses to “Ramblings from the Farm

  1. great post Tucker. Farming sounds complex to me. I though millet was a fish.

  2. Hello Steven

    I am the friend of Stacy. Let me know a good time to reach you and number. Two friends and I wanted to hunt your place this fall if you would have us.
    Eric Camp

  3. I’ll gladly trade our rain for your highs in the 70’s. What do you think?

  4. This all sounds so complicated. I love fall weather. Love it. It was windy all labor day weekend at the cabin (in Bellwood, just outside of David City) if you know where I am talking about. Then the cool stuff blew into Omaha for the week and I am in heaven.

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