Parenting Awards

As you may or may not know, I have four kids.  I like the way Bill Cosby puts it when he said, “The reason I have four kids is, I do not want five.”  Yes, my sentiments exactly.

Today I was reading some blogs and ran across Trey Morgans offering of a youngster he had a conversation with.  The interesting part of Trey’s story is, he reported on Twitter that he talked to his own son that just left to nest and he was going to see him that night.  Leave it to my good friend Trey, he is always showing who his Father is to everyone! (You gotta be deep to understand that last statement)

I also ran across this little article. It seems kind of funny some kid has struck it rich, but then after you see the story, it is kind of a sad commentary on our society.  I like the bus drivers reaction to the indident.  Don’t quit your day job.

Here is a little audio clip from one of my favorites.  It’s a great story that Rick Atchley tells that only takes a couple of minutes.  It kind of goes along with Trey’s experience.  In fact, I hope it helps you in seeing the good in everyone.

Now, isn’t your day a little better knowing God is running to you?


One response to “Parenting Awards

  1. Thanks for the kind words old fella 😉

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