Did I mention my wife is gone

My friend Craig Hicks recently tells the story of his wife leaving for a short stint.  I laughed at the moment I read about his adventure…not even realizing it was going to happen to me.

Now, September is a busy time of the year here on the farm.  Wheat to plant, things to harvest, that sort of thing.  Well, did I mention I have four kids too, two of which are in school?  Not a time to be gallivanting all over the country for extended periods of time.

She went to Minneapolis for a training for her business and had lined up our fill in grandma to take on the kids during the day until grandma could take over Friday.  Things went bad when the call came in that she was sick.  That made me sick because I knew what was going to happen.  This dad was about to become Mr. Mom.  Did I mention I have four kids, one of which is 8 months old?  still in diapers.

Now, I am happy to report, Grandma Sandy has arrived and salvaged my weekend.  I changed the diapers and emptied the sink of dirty dishes.  Why is it every kid has to drink 3 different beverages all from a new cup everytime? Meal times are a challenge when a baby is hungry for his kind of food, and everyone else is hungry for grown up food.  I am happy to report, every one is still alive and healthy!

I must admit, I handled everything.  Yes, I appreciate my wife!  She as so many other wives don’t get the credit they deserve.  But then again, I did buy her a new plasma cutter.  She likes to weld, I like to cook, go figure.  So, hurry home Rachel.  I think I broke the chisel plow and I need you to weld it.


2 responses to “Did I mention my wife is gone

  1. Tucker, you sound like you are coping! You managing laundry too? The first time I went away, C and N had a ball. But I got back to a house with no food and laundry for Africa. He hadn’t figured I did laundry and shopiing too lol. Bet the kids will be making some “time with dad when mom was away” memories!

  2. He who laughs first laughs last. It’s nothing less than divine justice. Poor kids.

    You know Craig, this post was about me and my pain, the kids are fine, they are running the asylum.

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