Welcome to the blogosphere

He went and did it!  And I am going to have to take some credit.  One of my bestest of friends went and started his own blog and guess what…..He never told me about it.  But, since I have a heart bigger than my stomach, I can forgive him.

For years, he and I would discuss over discourse about spiritual issues, challenge our beliefs, and dream monstrosity of dreams about what could happen.  In fact, he was the ultimate dreamer.  Often, he would dream and scheme, and I was the one who would proceed with the processes.  He is a thinker and I so valued that in him.  We never really got mushy with each other, but we both knew how each of us felt about the other.

One day his youngest graduated school and he announced that he was leaving town and moving on to something new.  I am never one who stands in the way of others dreams, aspirations, or their own improvement.  And he left.  Lots of people helped them load the truck to leave. I tried to make sure I was busy in my opposition to the idea.

The phone never replaces what close personal contact can deliver.  He went to a children’s home where he and his amazing wife served kids for a year, but his heart was in a different place.  Something about God overflowed in him. He wanted to minister to people working for a community of Jesus seekers.  And off to Kearney, Nebraska he ventured and serves as the minister there.  He has now branched out to a new blog, and his lessons are online.

It may have been good for him to expand his territory.  I often think that he may have never realized his own true power that he possessed, or how gifted a people person he truly is.  I know there are people who hold resentments against him, but that is because they truly don’t know him nor his heart.  Most would agree, what you see is the touch of the Master himself.  He won’t admit it, but I know in time, when you choose to read his blog, I will be proven correct.  Oh, he doesn’t come without his faults.  He often stated to me, “I don’t want to be in line behind Paul on the day of judgment.” (I would think, “You big Chicken”).

He has produced quite a progeny too.  3 amazing kids who represent the Father quite well.  Unfortunately, they all moved away too.  But I know where to find them.  Erica is engaged and working in Abilene, and Cami and Nathan are in school at York.

I heard it said once, “I like myself best when I am with you.”  Well, I can think of many that I can make that statement about.  But Jay Towell is on the top of my list.  You can read his thought provoking, spiritually charged, encouraging words at his new blog here. In fact, I will add him to my list on the blogroll so the four of you that read this blog can easily find it.

Welcome to the big time Jay, may God richly bless you my beloved!


3 responses to “Welcome to the blogosphere

  1. I’ve subscribed to Jay’s blog! Any friend of yours…

  2. He’s a funny guy.

  3. Thanks for noticing. By the way, I sent you an email 3 weeks ago. . . Probably the dog ate it. Love ya, bro.

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