When Life Happens

In Nebraska, we sit atop the Ogallala Aquifier.  I have lived in several places and have imbibed on some of the drinking water of some of our finest municipalities.  Our water here comes from deep within the earth and it is one of the finest beverages you will ever taste.

Water is supposed to be in pipes.  It is when it comes out of those pipes in an orderly fashion that it becomes desirable.  It is when it comes out of a pipe when it is not supposed to in a location that it is not supposed to that problems arise.

Since it rained a little shower the other night, I thought it would be good if I had someone clean out my gutters while I was trying to seed wheat.  Justin comes and helps out on the farm from time to time and he said he would take my pressure washer and clean them out.  He hooked it up to the faucet that is on the outside of the house and went to work.  At 5:00pm he got down off the roof and left everything there and helped me fill the drill a couple miles away.  Then, he went home while I continued in the field until 9 pm.

When I arrived home, I told my son who was still up it was time for bed.  He said, “what is this noise in my room?”  When I heard it, I knew exactly what the problem was and I was hoping that it wasn’t what I was suspecting.  You see, it appears that those outside faucets drain as long as there isn’t a hose connected to them.  Evidently, a winter or two ago, someone left a hose connected to it and when it froze, it busted the pipe, however, when it was shut off, no leakage.  When left on for 5 hours, approximately 2000 gallons of water will run into your basement.

Fortunately, the basement isn’t really one of  our hangouts.  It’s more of a storage area for way too much junk stuff.  Most of it was my wife’s stuff before we were married.  My theory is, if you haven’t used it in the last year, there is no need to keep it.  Not many subscribe to my theory, but, it works.  My mother came over, we got a pump and began the process of removing our unwanted swimming pool.  All of the items in the basement were removed.  I took one of our grain trucks and today, it sits full of junk that is waiting to be dumped.  All of the other items that were salvageable were placed on the front yard and left to finish drying out in the heat.

That night, everyone was worn out and the items that were left to dry, were just left outside.  Nothing to worry about as there was no cloud in the sky and the forecast was for hot and dry.  We retired for the night.  When I awoke the next morning my mother said, “we have a problem”.  (She spent the night) She then informs me that in the night, she heard the sprinkler system come on.  She heard the 2nd zone come on, which meant that all of our salvageable items were already soaked as they sat on zone 1.  That meant, more stuff on the truck to be dumped as the salvageable became dumpable. ( I can hear you laughing and it’s not funny!)

In the midst of the stuff, I did find an old Magic 8 ball.  I asked it several questions and realized it was so old, it was stuck on the same answer: “Not very likely”

The good news is the stuff is finally going to be removed, and the basement will be cleaned out once again.

So, our delicious drinking water stopped life in midstream and became a problem.  Life happens!  People deal with it everyday.

My wife said, “at least it isn’t sewage.”  That was a good point.  Do you know where our sewage goes?  Have you heard of septic tanks?  Aren’t they in the ground right above our water?


2 responses to “When Life Happens

  1. You totally have my sympathies. I have had so many water-mishaps in my life: plumbing floods, natural floods, sewage floods, and the jackhammering of my home last year to replace some pipes that I have already decided my tell-all book will be entitled, “Staying Afloat”!! Nothing like a little water damage to remind you the things of this earth are ‘temporal’ and very ‘damageable’!! Sorry for your troubles!

  2. Tuck, great story. I’m glad you can laugh at it now, because I know it wasn’t very funny at the time.

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