In God We Trust!

I was just watching the debate on the floor of the House.  I remember some Russian comedian always saying, “What a Country?”  Well, a nice little $700 billion contribution makes it quite the country.

As I was watching the debate, they seem to suspect that the US Government is slated to make money off of this deal.  I will believe that when it actually happens. Which makes this whole ordeal just a mess.

One thing that helps in times of trial comes from the floor of the House itself.  Rep. John Boehner, -R, Minority Leader from Ohio just asked the House members to look at the words which serves as the motto for the House of Representatives, above the Speakers rostrum, “In God We Trust” Funny, it just so happens to be the same motto on our currency.

Rep Boehner said, “Remember those words, In God we Trust.  Because we’re gonna need His help!”

After his comment, a large applause engrossed the chamber as he walked back to his seat to prepare for the vote.

Things are in constant change!  Many times, we find what we think is directly influenced by the news we hear.  Just read the newspaper, watch tv news, read blogs, listen to the debate in congress, take part of any conversation at the coffee shop in rural america, or just follow the tweets on twitter, and you will soon realize that your life is MISERABLE!

I fully understand that things in the United States economy aren’t the whoopiest! What would the economy in your own life be like if you never listened to the news or imbibed on negative commentary?  But maybe an even better question would be, What if you just followed those words, ‘In God, I Trust’?

I have heard it said, Don’t wish it were easier, wish you were better.  No matter what happens, no matter where things go, the better you become as a person, the more valuable you become.  Things always seem to work out and God always will be in control.

What are you putting your trust in?  No matter what situation you may find yourself in, I think it would be prudent to follow the thoughts of Rep. Boehner…..

“Remember those words, In God we Trust.  Because we’re gonna need His help!”


One response to “In God We Trust!

  1. Thanks, Tucker. I am sure there are rocky times ahead, worldwide. Recession at least, maybe depression. I need to remember to trust God.

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