My Top 10 Movies

Paul, I think I told you, I’m a lover not a fighter. -Michael Jackson to Paul McCartney in the song, The doggone girl is mine.

@TreyMorgan recently posted his top 10 movies.  It was a great insight into who he is.  He is one man who is obviously one tough dude!  Thank you Trey for sharing, and, via twitter, he has demanded that I make my statement with those movies that I rank in my top 10.

I want you to know, when I was a child and under the influence of the great musical icon that once was Michael Jackson, I loved his line telling Paul that he was a lover not a fighter.  I was very impressionable and I live by that statement still today.  Hence, you may not find many blood and guts movies in my movie collection, or hard acid, brain frying rock music in my music choices.  The song “Wildfire” can initiate a flood of emotions…it just hits way too close to home! (literally)

The following is my offering: (in no particular order)

  1. Opportunity Knocksthis is one of my top scenes of all movies. I have learned the accent, and I have been known to prank call people with this accent.  “You do not talk when I talk, when I am talking, you do not talk!”
  2. Facing the Giants – It has football, it has inspiration, it has love, it has faith, it has trust, it has an enemy, and in the end, when things look the bleakest….the good guys win against all odds.  It’s a must see!  And the music is really good too, I bought the sound track!
  3. Dances with Wolves – The setting for this film is in my backyard.  It is a movie that just takes you on a journey.  You can feel frustrated right along with John Dunbar.  I can say one word about this movie: Tetonka.  And, this music I want at my funeral.
  4. Die Hard – Bruce Willis, takes on an entire skyscraper full of criminals, it has blood, explosions, and great action.  Watching it today though, it is easy to pick it apart, but it is on my list.
  5. Cars – The movie was really well done and the entire family loved this show.  It has many great messages contained within and I think it speaks to those of you who can get a little (as my mom often told me) “big for your britches”.  Everyone should see this movie!
  6. Shrek – I love Eddie Murphy’s humor.  In this show, at least he was G rated in this appearance.  This one makes my list of my top 10.  Oh, you must hear the story behind how we got in to see the movie.  I think I have a blog story….stay tuned.
  7. Beverly Hills Cop – Eddie Murphy is back.  Just a bunch of hilarious stuff in this movie.  I know there are some bad scenes you are supposed to look away or close your ears, but I love the trickery he pulls off and how he gets himself out of trouble.
  8. Planes Trains and Automobiles.  John Candy is hilarious!  I often imagine him and Danny Devito pairing up as brothers.  This show is high on my list.  Can you imagine having to share a room with someone?  I can imagine a situation like this occurring:  It’s Tulsa time and a huge crowd so people are asked to bunk together to accomodate.  Speakers at the Workshop are asked to bunk together…and something like this happens.
  9. Bambi – Another cartoon!  This movie was one of the first ones that I can remember and Bambi having to grow up after his mom becomes steak in someone’s freezer was one which strikes my compassionate side.  I need a tissue just remembering this moment and I need to call my mom!
  10. Saving Private Ryan – Very impactful.  I like movies that draw me in and get me emotionally involved.  This one had me from the start.  A movie of this magnitude also helped me appreciate anyone who serves in this capacity in the military.  War is amazing and this film helped put into perspective those who became the ‘Greatest Generation’.

I am going to add some honorable mentions:  Beethoven – the Dog movie, My Cousin Vinny – “The Utes”, Tommy Boy – How about John Candy and Chris Farley as father and son???  Only in my mind.  The Ultimate Gift – I met the man who wrote the book in which they made this movie.  He is blind, and in the movie, he plays the limo driver.  Midnight Run – Charles Grodin just cracks me up. Meet the Robinsons – this movie is underrated and has some great lessons for everyone to learn.

So there you have it.  I think you can see that yes, I am a lover, not a fighter.  Blame it on what my mom let me watch.  If you haven’t seen any of these, I highly recommend them.  If you have, let me know what you think.  But if you see where my interests lie, please, let me know if there is a movie you think I would love or should see.

Thanks Trey for the suggestion!


5 responses to “My Top 10 Movies

  1. Good list, Tuck. I forgot about Die Hard. Oh, yea that was a good movie too.

    Thanks for playing…

  2. Ah-h-h Shrek. That certainly was a day to remember. Life for you, my friend, has never been the same since.

    You’re welcome.

    brother Jay,
    I am assuming that your recollection of our movie attendance is in error. Shrek was the movie that I went out unto the streets and recruited fellow movie goers so that we could keep the theater open. It was the movie Pearl Harbor that the said event in which I think you are referencing occurred.

  3. planes traines and automobiles is awesome.
    “THOSE ARE PILLOWS!!!!!!!!!!!’

    diehard would be in my top 10, as well
    good list

  4. of course, the quote should be,


  5. Hey Tucker,
    I like your list, I think you have inspired me to watch Dances with Wolves, love that song! =)

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