Is this Question Important? Round 2

First a special thanks to all of you who have read and voiced your opinion on a matter for discussion.  I often struggle with the question – “Is everything black and white?”.  I sure try and conclude that it is.  It is often easier to draw a line in the sand.  For example, I know that if in September, I plant wheat in the fields, in July, wheat will be ready to harvest. That is my quest in life, to find the truth about everything.

I asked the question last week, “How much does one need to know to be baptized?”  Many of you whom I love and respect left great answers.  I felt obliged to follow that up with more discussion on the issue before we move on to antics of which can only happen to me.

This question was so good, it even came up in our Sunday morning bible class discussion.  I cherish those moments when we can be real.  The simple answer is quite simple.  One must know they are guilty of sin.  We all have failed in our life!  If you haven’t, you are lying.  We are all guilty of committing a sin and God can have no part of us.  Thus, we find ourselves in the same predicament as those Jews who killed Jesus.  They were guilty of a sin, killing the Son of God who was both the Lord and Christ.  They were just as guilty then as we are today.  Once they realized what their problem was, they were cut to the heart.  You can read the story for yourself in Acts 2 of the New Testament. 

You see, they had used their intellect to realize and know they had done something wrong.  But it was when their heart was cut, they realized they were dead unless something could be done to right this wrong.  Peter tells them the simple answer.  It wasn’t given to babies who had little intellect or little ability to control their emotions.  It  was an instruction given to those who could understand that the choice to correct their mistakes was theirs to make.  Peter gave the simplest of answers to wipe the slate clean.  It’s given in one of the most amazing verses in the bible.  Acts 2:38. 

So you see, all one needs to know to become a Christian is quite simple.  I am guilty of sin, and this Christ is the only  way to change my life forever.  What enhances the disciple for the rest of his earthly life is intellect guided with emotion.  Today in class we discovered an amazing transforming item in which we shall focus on the next few weeks.  Maybe you want to know what that is.  You can find out about it in John 14. 

For many, we find our heart may be troubled by our circumstances, our job, our marriage, the loss of a loved one.  There is one simple answer that was left in John 14:27.  If you find yourself in trouble, you may want to look at what the Good Book has to say.


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