Quite an Election

Yes, I know the Presidential Election was talked about with much bally-hoo.  I am gonna miss all the political ads on TV.  All the political talk will start to dwindle.  But the highlight of my political following is on local elections.  Browsing through local election results, I ran across one important race I want you to know about.

Granted, western Nebraska is probably not high on your radar.  I wanted you to see how things go down out here in the middle of nowhere.  People in New (York, Jersey…you pick one) find it interesting that I live two miles to my closest neighbor.  I live 15 miles to the closest grocery store.  I live 35 miles to the closest McDonalds.  I live 75 miles to the closest Wal-Mart.  And I live 20 miles to one amazing election that you may find interesting.

Here are the Election results for the village of Lamar, Nebraska (click that link and watch your screen in awe).  As you can see it was a highly contested contest.  Turnout to vote was low.  Can I speculate that each of the write-in candidates wrote their own name? Do you suppose there was a debate?  Do you thinkany of them campaigned?

I don’t know any of these people, but have been through Lamar a few times in my  life.  It would appear that Jeremiah Hansen and Samantha Hansen could not agree to vote for each other to help get them elected.  I assume that they are related in some form or fashion.   You could vote for two, how can these two Hansens not get on the same page going in?  What if they are married, what is the conversation like in their house?

If you could vote for two and assuming everyone did, it appears that only 4 people voted.

Francis Baker and Pat Null, what are you going to do now?  What’s your plan to help your village?

Lamar Village Board of Trustees
Vote for Up to Two – 4 Yr. Francis Baker 2
No candidates filed. Pat Null 2
Write-ins allowed. Jeremiah Hansen 1
Samantha Hansen 1
Dorene Wiest 1
Stan Null 1

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