The Internet Christian Community

We have made our way to December.  Crazy!  Where does it go?  How does this happen?  Time really is like a mist, a vapor, here one minute, gone the next.

This is the season for giving.  I love giving.  It is just such an amazing dichotomy.  You get stuff, and then you give it away.  I struggle with the idea that it really isn’t mine anyway.  I am just entrusted with it for the time I am here.  It really isn’t real anyway.  It won’t last forever, nothing physical ever does.  In fact, pain, nor pleasure, both physicals, last forever.  So, in order to eliminate pain, you stop doing what brings forth pain, and you do what brings forth the pleasure.  I like to give.

So, many of you who read this know of the internet Christian community.  You know who you are.  You participate in our little family of blogs and via twitter.  If you don’t know what I am talking about, you are missing out. I am encouraged at the community we have been blessed with.  I am honored in ways we can serve through this medium.  In fact, I have dreams of starting a social network that works for this community.  Thats another blog post and some work…

We have the opportunity to go to work again.  The last opportunity, I used stealth to show the love to the John Dobbs family.  But, here today, I think we can do it openly.  Much like the 1st Century church did when they just sold their stuff and brought it to be used.

Our dear friend Katherine has hit a pothole in this road of life.  Her job has ended, and then she needed some expensive dental work.  I recall her saying that this would put an end to her Christmas.  My other dear friend Brian Nicklaus offered up the suggestion that we pool together and help her out.  We aren’t asking for the world, or for all that you can spare.  Just for one day, bypass one thing that you spend a few bucks on and give it to one who is in need of a little encouragment.  Who knows how much your little could help pick someone up alot!

I know that technology is amazing.  One simple way to send money is through paypal.  You can paypal it direct to her at:

If you want to send her a check for thousands of dollars or just a little, you can email her directly and get her mailing info.  I’m kicking things off.  Here’s to a great Holiday Season of giving and may it continue through no matter our circumstance.

God Bless!


4 responses to “The Internet Christian Community

  1. katherine has a great faith and is a great blogger. i had dental work done around the holidays about 6 years ago, and had miss out on going to a good friend’s wedding,
    where were you guys then, HUH?!?!? just kidding, not about the dental work and missing a wedding, just the attitude

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  3. i wonder how many spammer will pick up her email address from your post??

  4. Thanks so much, Tuck (& Brian) for your post, thoughtfulness, and friendship!! You guys rock, and I love the internet Christian community we have found on here-what a blessing!

    The root canals went well-a lot better than I expected, and I am glad they are over with! 🙂

    Blessings to you all as you continue to serve a mighty King~

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