What’s happening on the Farm?

Let me tell you what is the latest from the farm.  um, …..it’s cold and snowing!  I haven’t been to the shop for a week.

Now, it is the time of year we get our paperwork and financial stuff in order.  Maybe I should be working on the balance sheet and cash flow, get the papers ready for the accountant, and get the business done.  We are almost half done with the month…it’s time I get it done.  

My wife spent three hours the other day, designing, printing, laminating, and cutting out these round tuits.  I guess I need her to give me one so I can get my life back in motion and get off my winter vacation.   

That’s it, sorry, not much to report here, the ground is froze and the tractor is hibernating.  I bought a semi load of diesel the other day and it has done nothing but gone down since.  When it comes to this farming thing, I follow the philosphy this old timer, God rest his soul, gave me many years ago.  “It don’t matter what you do in farming, it’s gonna be wrong!”

That’s why we also live with this montra….’there’s always next year!’

And finally, my Grandpa once said, “It’ll rain 15 minutes before it’s too late”  Funny, that always seem to happen don’t it?


2 responses to “What’s happening on the Farm?

  1. It don’t matter what you do in farming, it’s gonna be wrong!

    I know some people think the same thing about preaching. HA HA!

  2. My tip of the week, “You should have sold a lot more corn on July 3, 2008”. Easy to say that now isn’t it? My tip for next week, “You should have pre-payed fertilizer for life in July of 2007”.

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