Trevyn Tucker

As each of my children reach a milestone this year (that shall be their birthdays), on or around that time, I will dedicate one page of this blog in a tribute to them. It’s time to kick that off with the yougest being first.

In an effort to introduce you to what I have to put up with around the farm, I want  you to meet….Trevyn Zane Tucker.  Born January 19th, 2008.  Trevyn is our 4th and Final child.  Fortunately, he has his father’s good looks, charm, character, demeanor, and personality.  My wife and I entered into  major discussion and negotiation over the selection of his name.  For weeks we deliberated.  She wanted Devin or Zane, I wanted something that started with a T.  We both wanted something unique.  She wanted Zane Trevyn, I wanted Trevyn Zane in honor of one of my most highly regarded players in University of Nebraska football. You can read about him  here.   Trev Alberts



Trevyn is definately one unique character.  He keeps me young and I look forward to watching him grow.  One of my biggest joys of farming is my office is right here and I spend alot of my time here with my family, thus affording me the opportunity to watch the subtle changes in my children. 

Out of all of my kids, Trevyn is by far the hardest to change a diaper on.  He has no time for that.  He also enjoys any electric gadget that his dad may own.  Yesterday, he picked up a cordless phone off of the end table and placed it into a glass of water, rendering that phone useless.  Then, he dumped the entire contents over everything else.  How can you be mad for this when I  have to face this all the time?:

Click on a thumbnail.

And then there is this.  Guaranteed to bring a smile to you face.

Yep, he is an impressive eater of the baby snacks.  He sure knows how to use them new choppers. 

When Trevyn was born, it’s the hospital policy that he is not to leave the room.  Nobody told me that, so I took him all around showing him off like a proud poppa would do.  Through the lobby, talking to everyone when one of the nurses came up and said, “You are going to have to take that baby back to the room please”. Our nurse came and explained nicely that they do not allow babies out of the room.  Alrighty then….   That gave me an idea.

The next day was Sunday and I brought the rest of the kids in for church. I brought one of my daughters realistic looking play babies in to the hospital with me in a sack.  Wrapping the baby up with baby blankets, my wife laughing at me knowing what I was up too, I was ready to walk through the hallways again, testing hospital policy on carrying fake babies.  As I opened the door to make my exit with the child, but who should I see, the delivery doctor and a physicians assistant that we know quite well and consider friends, making their rounds.  They both said, “Hey, you can’t do that!”  As to my reply,  “what?!??!, I can’t carry this thing around the hallways?” showing t hem what was in my possession.  They thought that rather funny, as I made my way through the hallways and down to the nurses station  where I was greeted with much the same reaction.  Needless to say, the hospital does not mind if  you carry a baby doll through the hallways.

Happy Birthday Trevyn!  What kind of trouble can we cook up next?


5 responses to “Trevyn Tucker

  1. Awww Trevyn is just the cutest baby! 🙂

  2. CUTE kid! Chip off the old block?

  3. Oh he is just adorabubble!

  4. You’re right… I smiled! You are blessed indeed!

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