Life is fragile

LIFE IS Fragile

Well, with weekends like this past one, I will be just happy to keep the weeks going and forget the weekend. Two things happened and they were more lessons to me.  Life is sometimes a cruel teacher.
Let me assure you…life is fragile.

First, I learned that one of our blogging friends has a health issue ahead of her. Saturday afternoon, I was just stunned that this could happen to someone I know! All signs are pointing toward her having leukemia. That is about all I know, but the good news is, we have scheduled a time to get together on Saturday night. Life is too fragile to not take advantage of the short time we have to spend together  A lesson on how fragile life can be.

Sunday morning I learned that a young woman with two babies just lost her husband.  I didn’t know them all that well, but they had visited our church several times.  They like so many others were having some financial struggles.  He recently had an appendectomy. It was taking every penny to get by.  A week later, he is having severe back pain, calls for an ambulance. It was too late.  Gone in a blink of an eye.  Lifes and futures altered forever.  

It’s just something to make me realize that life is fragile.  

There’s tons of things that can be learned when life throws these types of things at us.  Life is fragile is just one of them. Love the ones that are closest to you.  Cherish each moment as if it were you last. 

What do you think of when you hear a story like these?


7 responses to “Life is fragile

  1. As I was leaving the hospital this evening after visiting people going through stuff like you describe, I found I just had this slow anger going on. Anger at the suffering I saw, the lives interrupted, the dreams lost, the disappointment at slow or no progress. So I’m reminded that life is hard, and that it’s unfair. And I’m so thankful we have a God to get us through it. And to love us no matter what.

  2. All I can say is, Jim, for what you do, you are one of my heroes! I hope I can encourage you as much as you inspire me!

  3. We lost a dear friend last week. 56 years old. We have another in CCU for 2 weeks after a massive coronary. Also in that age range. My husband just blew it off.
    The funeral was such a great celebration of his life. There was even a BBQ last night. It’s what he wanted. It was sudden. Pneumonia or flu, they aren’t sure. It was quick. Less than a week. Made decision to turn off life support. It is hard. It’s ok to question God. We just don’t always hear His explanation. But, am I ever glad He’s there to comfort me & wipe my tears.

  4. Amen, Jim…and amen to what Tucker said-I admire what you do. I know it is not easy.

    I am praying heavily for our friend today!!

  5. yeah, a rough week in NJ, too, people in hospital, lingering health probs, etc.

    it will only be better in Heaven

  6. Thanks for the nice words, folks. On Monday I also got to see God at work in several ways, including a couple of hall conversations. Seeing suffering is always difficult, but seeing God at work and getting to connect with people in meaningful ways more than balances that. And I’m no hero — just a guy that shows up, just like you guys do in you ways.

  7. Thank you for mentioning my family and the loss of mu husband, Logan. It is very reassurring to know that we are in the thoughts and prayers of other Chritians. We need all the prayers we can get! God works in mysterious ways, but I am glad that we can all learn from these tragedies.

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