Christian Bloggers – meet Theobloggers

Sometimes in the evening, I take my laptop, sit in my recliner in front of my tv and watch the worldwide web fly by my computer screen.  It’s absolutely amazing I can communicate and “hang” with some interesting folk across the country.

Another thing that gets me excited is attending the Tulsa Workshop. It’s challenging, it’s encouraging, and it’s just great to be around people of like mind.  People from all over the country gather for a few days to just grow stronger in relationship to God.

Well, in talking with my friend Brad Palmore one night, I begged, as I have so many, for him to come to Tulsa.  After consideration, it has swelled into a mini-blogger convention.  You see Brad is part of Theobloggers, a place for Christian bloggers to host their blog sites, or their church to host their website, and many other things.  Check them out.

The marriage of the Tulsa Workshop and the TheoBloggers get together is quite fitting.  The Tulsa Workshop is  even going to have some amazing speakers.  And then they are going to also have John Dobbs and Trey Morgan speaking specifically on blogging and its impact in the Internet Community.  Who’s better than these two to address this subject?

But the highlight for the Christian Blogging community will be the fact that Theobloggers has created an annual event around this event.  First, they have created the first annual Blogging awards.  You can make your nominations for your favorite bloggers here.  Here are the categories:

Blogger of the Year
– Best Marriage/Family/Parenting Blog
– Best Leadership/Discipleship Blog
– Best Devotional/Inspirational Blog
– Best Theological Blog
– Best Practical Ministry Blog
– Best Blog by a Female Blogger
– Best New Blogger – Must have started their first blog in 2008

Honestly, This blog really doesn’t fit into any of these categories as I really focus on things of interest to me in dire hopes that they interest you as well.  Sometimes I get theological, but other times, I just pass on what I find peculiar or interesting.  Trust me, I looked at tried to figure out where I could nominate myself and my only shot is best Blog by a Female Blogger, hoping Brad and his crew would miss the obvious error.

But what I am most excited about is the lunch/ceremony that is sponsored by Theobloggers, Saturday during the Tulsa Workshop.  If you are coming to Tulsa, and you want to see the faces behind the keyboards of these blogs, you need to be there.  Please, sign up here….and do it soon.

Oh, one last caveat…I will be there!  Me and my whole family will be there.  Many of my friends will be there.  Can’t wait to see you there!  Don’ tmiss it!


4 responses to “Christian Bloggers – meet Theobloggers

  1. Great blog and hope to have some time soon to come back and read more!

  2. rofl, Tucker. Will they ask nominees for best female blogger to provide evidence of their gender? Do you have a kilt you can wear?

  3. Brother Tucker. Don’t know if you heard, but the package we wrote about the food crisis last year, including the sidebar about “from the tractor to the world” won first place in the SPJ Oklahoma awards for business reporting. Thanks a million for your input! — ET

  4. а все таки: восхитительно!

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