Neva Cooper Update

Hey Friends,
I promised an update on our friend Neva who lives in North Platte as I know many of you have inquired about her and love her to death! She is truly one of Gods unique and special children. As much as she may put up the strong front, inside, she has to be living her own personal story of Job.

I just received word from Ned that she is in the Emergency room after an ambulance ride. She was having trouble breathing and they have discovered that she had 7 blood clots in her lung. This morning she is undegoing treatment for that and pray to God that this takes care of them.

GOD IS GREAT NEWS ALERT:  On the other hand, she also received word that her bone marrow test and bone biopsy came back NEGATIVE for Leukemia. So your prayers worked! Let this be a lesson that God works and it looks like he isn’t done yet. She told me she is prepared for whatever He wants.

I’ll continue to update as I find out more!


7 responses to “Neva Cooper Update

  1. Oh, that is wonderful news! Neva will pull through this, too. Thanks for keeping us updated.

  2. Amen!! God is so Good!!

    will be praying about blood clots

  3. That is great news!

  4. Praise God for the great news!

    Still praying for the blood clots.

  5. Thanks for the updates. Keep us informed. We will keep the prayers flowing.

  6. Yes, thank you so much for the updates, and yay for the awesome news!! God does definitely hear our prayers.

    Will continue to pray that He will also heal the blood clots and she will be feeling much better soon! She is an absolutely awesome lady, and I hope to meet her soon!

  7. Thanks for sharing. Had been wondering…

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