Questions of the Farmer

There’s a time to plant and a time to harvest.  There is always a time for the job.  So, let’s get to the answer portion of our segment, “Ask a Farmer”.

I have answered some of the questions in the comments section of that last blog post.  However, my good friend Ellie asked a few good questions.  And for that, I am going to take a moment and shoot her some blog love and let you know that if you are a techie blogger type, you probably better check out her blog.  She is the Ultimate Geek Girl and it’s pretty amazing that a girl nestled in the big city can befriend a farm boy in the middle of nowhere, Nebraska.

Ellie asked some interesting questions, like, What time do you get up?  My grandfather, when he was living, routinely would awake around 5am.  He would get up get dressed and make his way to the coffee shop and eat his bowl of oatmeal with raisins.  Before I was married and with family, I would accompany him in there.  Today, I wake up when my 5 yr old son Tyler comes in and says, “Dad, I want breakfast!”  that’s usually around 6am.  I rarely set an alarm because I find myself waking up while the sun is coming up.

Ellie also wanted to know how I keep the vehicles fueled up?  As for our cars, we do use gas.  We live 14 miles from the closest gas station.  You would think that it be mandatory that there be no less than 1.5 gallons of gas in any vehicle at any time.  However, our tractors and combines use diesel.  It’s low-sulphur to help protect the enviroment, and it is dyed so we don’t have to pay highway tax (farm fuel) since it goes in motorized equipment that never goes on the highway.  I recently purchased a semi load of fuel and it is stored in big tanks. A few years ago, that would have lasted just a few months.  Today, with different farming practices, that will probably last me two years. I have my own fuel station right in my front yard complete with gas and diesel.  It’s one big expense, but I’m betting that fuel prices won’t stay here in the next two years.

Ellie also inquired about chores for the kids.  My two oldest boys, Michael and Tyler, are in charge of taking care of our one dog and numerous mice chasers (you may know them as cats).  Michael is 13 and is becoming a greater and greater help around the farm.  He’s been driving around here for a few years now.  There is no better place than out here to teach a beginning youngster how to drive.  Michael takes care of a few other items around the farm and basically just helps me out.  I’m really looking forward to the kids getting older so I can give them more responsibility on the farm.  ie. cheap labor!

Thank you to David for his input.  He wanted to know why I couldn’t stream live from my tractor now.  Well, I don’t have the right phone, and, the cell phone companies just barely give us cell phone signal, let alone data streaming.

And yes, we really do race our combines!

If you have any more questions, feel free to leave a comment/question below.


2 responses to “Questions of the Farmer

  1. I am so flattered! 🙂 It sounds like life on the farm is pretty exciting.

    Other than racing combines, what do farmers do for fun?

  2. Hi Steve!
    Just found out about your blog from the TheoBloggers nominations! I am a youth minister in Omaha, NE (on the opposite side of the state!)
    We will be attending the Workshop, but are leaving Saturday. maybe we can hit the bloggers luncheon next year.
    I’m excited to find other Nebraska bloggers, though! Nice to meet you!

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