I’ve Already Won!

The View from the Tractor has been nominated, screened, and placed up for the Best New Blog of 2008.  You can vote here at http://vote.theobloggers.org/

If you remember, I wrote about this a couple of weeks ago, and was encouraging your nominations for your favorite Christian, theological blog.  I was amazed to discover that I was even nominated, let alone made it to be a finalist in this category.  I am not a complete theologian, although I do like to dabble in it.  You can’t be a farmer and not come to an understanding that God has a role in your life.  After all, God was the first farmer (he did plant the Garden!)

I want to do a little show and tell if I may.  I wanted to show you who exactly I am up against is this competition.

Matthew Morine has a great blog. One it is very beautiful.  Two he is very insightful.  Here is the title for today’s post: Beyond the Syllogism: Proper Contextual Interpretation.  He is a deep thinker!  Check it out!

Todd Deaver is also considered in this category of best new blogger for 2008.  His Bridging the Grace Divide blog is one of those that will challenge the way you think and a great set of followers that encourage the discussion.

Let me assure you, these two young men are out of my league.  I mean that with all due respect, much like my wife is out of my league, or The Nebraska Cornhusker’s football program of the 90’s was out of everyone’s league.   I enjoy their thoughts and ability to discuss and enlighten on an issue.  That doesn’t mean I am withdrawing or conceding the contest, I am just honored by the person who thought this ‘ol blog worthy!

So, pardon me if I already take credit for the victory because I feel I have already won.  Just by being listed on a page of blogs, of which are the words of real Christian people, many of which are heroes of the faith for me, I already count as gain.  I thank you for stopping by and sharing in the discussion.


4 responses to “I’ve Already Won!

  1. This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

  2. Congratulations on the nomination and the great attitude. Think I read that you’re going to Tulsa. Maybe meet you there. I’ll be hanging out at the Dallas Christian College booth on occasion (if they’ll have one).

  3. I look forward to meeting you. Thank you for the kind words. Always remember that I graduated at the bottom of my class in High School, the only think I thought deeply about was how not to go to school. Thank you again.


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