An Open BlogPost to Mr. Dobbs and Mr. Morgan

I write this post to two of the most influential bloggers in my life.  I was in awe of these two men last year as I met them in person at the Tulsa Workshop.  I had been an avid reader of their blogs for quite some time.  I ran across John Dobb’s blog, Out Here Hope Remains while doing some research.  I even left a comment and he responded back.  I was intrigued at how this worked.  It then led me to Trey Morgans blog, They had great messages which challenge you right in your cranium.  And, they led you to others who would also do the same.  Thank you for sharing and for the encouragement to explore the blogosphere.


As for many others, the two of you were responsible for this blog.  I saw your offerings and I knew that I could also provide something of value to the world.  I am thankful for those that I have touched with the words that appear on the screen.  It is because of you that as one who spends far too much alone in the middle of nowhere, I can add value to the minds of those  whose eyes grace this page.

I am writing this as I quickly approach the one year anniversary of this little offerring.  The two of  you will be speaking about blogging to the masses at the Tulsa workshop.  I couldn’t think of two more qualified.  Let me offer my gratitude and encouragement as you enlighten many about the powers of technology in the Kingdom of God. 

You can read all about it off of the links to the right.


6 responses to “An Open BlogPost to Mr. Dobbs and Mr. Morgan

  1. Awwwww…that just brings tears to my eyes! You guys are wonderful men of God that inspire me and I do wish that I was on my way to Tulsa along with you! Travel safe! God bless and enjoy!

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  3. John’s and Trey’s are the blogs I most refer people to!

  4. amen! john rocked the house, i am expecting the same from trey

  5. Thanks for the kind words. I’m just blessed to get to meet and hang out with you guys.

    And John Dobbs? Including me in the same sentence with him is humbling. He’s not only the Blog King … but he’s simply an internet icon and my hero.

  6. I thank you guys for your encouragements. To have an online ‘family’ really has been an awesome blessing to me during the darkest times of my life. The bright days are brighter as well. Love ya Tucker. So glad I got to meet Mrs. Tucker. She’s a special lady for sure! And the Tucker kiddos are precious! Thanks Linda, Wendy, Brian, and Trey as well. You all are very special in my heart.

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